Online gaming.

For years I thought it was the internet connection in the house that made it impossible to do G+ hangouts and the like. Now I have a new computer, and it can do hangouts just fine. For the first time in my online social life on G+ and with a blog, I can game online.

This underscores how odd it is that I follow the OSR, but have not played B/X this century. I have never played Dungeon Crawl Classics, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, or other retro clones. I did an online quasi-Labyrinth Lord game on G+ play by post in Wampus. That’s it.

So as I look around for games to join in, that’s a weird kind of nervousness. I’ve designed lots of games, but the OSR is not a thing I’ve logged any actual play time in.

I want to play in some games before running my own, just to see how others handle things I haven’t even thought of yet. When I’ve got some experience, I expect to run a game in Fictive Hack, in the World Between, in the great independent city of Setine.

My base concept is there will be a fence/fixer. He has a rough network of specialists and criminals. When he has a job, he brings people together and sends them out. That way if I end up with a number of repeat players it could spin off into a campaign, but I could also have my fence in the background for pick-up sessions.

So. Been a long time coming, and it’s neat that the time is here. I’ve got a web cam and a headset with a boom mike, so I can respond when opportunity arises. This could be pretty exciting stuff.

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2 Responses to Online gaming.

  1. My group is in the final stages of preparing to run a game with Roll20 over Google hangouts. I plan to do posts on how it all goes, with a focus on how it works technically and socially. I’m interested to see how a more open, pick-up style works.

  2. Darik says:

    The information was very informative. Thanks for sharing!!

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