State of the Game Night

I’ve been trying hard to keep my focus. We’ve got a long-running fantasy game set in a town where the characters have put down roots, and they want to continue exploring that; they are invested. So it stays in the rotation. Also, my Edge City game has been undergoing a transformation from a sandbox to a less stressful “monster of the week” style format, and that’s just now showcasing the new style. Those that play in Edge City really love it, and I don’t want to let that go.

I am determined to keep those two as the main games in the rotation. They both run on the home-brew Masks game system, which my players really like (and have stated in response to my questioning that they want to stick with). I am committed to getting both games 10 play sessions in the year, and then we’ll see if we can do more than that. When you’ve got players happy with a setting and system and how the game is going, you don’t just throw that away! (I keep reminding myself of this.)

But! But! But!

I’m working on Axes and Anvils, another great game. One of my players will be guest game master the second half of April and the first half of May, running it so I can see the game from another point of view (that of player.) After that, another player will run some Blades in the Dark for us, for 2-4 weeks (we’ll see how it goes.)

After that we’ll likely fall back to touching base with new arcs for the two main campaigns, but I’m really feeling an itch to showcase Silent Legions. Kevin Crawford is amazing, and… I can’t believe I’m even going to say this, but… I want to run this game rules as written. Maybe I’m fatigued with design, or maybe he’s that good. I have the hard cover paper copy of the book headed my way, and for the first time in maybe forever I would potentially be running a game out of its book and not house-ruling the hell out of it or adapting it to another system. (Though my players would probably be as happy or happier if I converted it to Masks, which is a possibility.)

We took 6 months off from Edge City to do various other games last year, like InSpectres and Axes and Anvils and the Chill playtest and so on. I don’t want to let so much time slip in between arcs going forward. So, we’ll stay committed to Dweredell and Edge City, and prioritize playtesting for Axes and Anvils, and see what other shiny toys we can play with in between times.

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