Blades in the Dark custom stuff.

Because apparently I can’t help myself.

What if you want to play Blades in the Dark, but don’t want to commit to a campaign? What if you want to be in one or more one-shot games?

Here is a two page rules mod for how to play a GANG instead of a CREW. I would like to know what you think! I plan to try it out on Friday.

Players can choose a type of gang to play (which gives a single advantage, instead of having to choose a special ability.) They also choose what underboss to work for, which tips the GM off to what kind of missions they want to play. There is no long-term advancement for gangs, as they form and split and reform all the time; however, characters can gain reputation, which may help them start their own crew with the backing of the Crows! =)

Want to be Chosen by the Outsider like Corvo, or Doud, or Delilah? (That’s for playing supernatural characters based on the Dishonored video game.)

Delightful thoughts on agriculture, ectoplasm-induced insanity, and alchemy here.

Anyway, more toys for the sandbox.

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