Blades in the Dark adventure summary 3!

The Gang

A gang of scoundrels working for the Crows got together to do a heist. They chose to be rovers, working with vehicles and back allyways, routes and signaling and chases. They chose to work for Virgil, managing the organized crime of the Crows and the independent operators that irritated them.

  • Orlon Brogan was a slide from a family of bluecoats, he used to be a detective. He liked to relax by drinking, and was good friends with Arlene, a tavern owner he saved from an extortionist during his days on the force.
  • Hook Scapa was a cutter who didn’t make it as an academic, probably due to his gambling problem. His best friend was Grace, an extortionist.
  • Skinner was a slide, and an experienced merchant from Tycheros. His faith was not about worshiping demons, but instead the Forgotten Gods–not that most people can tell the difference. His best friend was Bryl, a drug dealer.
  • Tenner was a lurk, and also an entertainer. He loved following the music scene, entranced by the vibrant culture and arts seething out of view of nobles and their patronage. His best friend was Telda, a beggar who was also a great singer and informer.

The Job

Virgil told them a gang of outsiders were drawing attention by doing jobs based out of a wagon that physically resembled some wagons the Crows did not want the bluecoats to inspect. Besides, independent operators are bad for business. Get rid of them.

The Prep

Skinner approached them directly and found that it was Old Man Gaucho and his two sons and daughters; they were traveling people pulling jobs to get enough gear and food and coin to make it to the next stop, just passing through. They were trying to get out of range before danger caught up to them. Too late! They thought they were living off the land, but they were hitting people who paid the Crows for protection, so they had to be stopped.

The gang formed a plan to have the traveling people hit the Red Sashes, who were in terrible shape and scrambling to keep their crew together. The Red Sashes were sure to wipe the traveling people out, so the problem would be solved. Meanwhile, the gang could either scoop up the winnings from the dead travelers, and/or take advantage of any gaps that opened in the Red Sash defenses.

Some snooping around revealed that on Tuesday the Red Sashes would move their gold idols from the Numan Street drug den to the Thickwylde Street drug den. While Tenner scouted for a good spot for the ambush to go down, he was spotted by a Red Sash champion, Tyrian. Tenner told him that some rough thugs hired him to scout a route to hit their shipment; this was a great way to tip the Red Sashes off about the upcoming attack. Then Tenner managed to slip away without a scratch. Tenner then lied to his gang, telling them the perfect spot was picked out and there were no problems. Eyes narrow, Orlon refused to believe him, and that got uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Skinner approached Old Man Gaucho again, this time with Hook at his elbow, and convinced the old man that the Sashes would be at low strength, easy prey, and then the travelers could leave town and not look back. Gaucho wanted to take Hook with them too, but Skinner talked him out of it.

The Attack

The gang followed the Red Sashes in a coach. They saw someone down on the canal walk below the street throw grapples up into the gold wagon’s wheels that jerked it to a stop, and they saw the two young men attack the coach by jumping down from a rooftop when some of the guards pursued the grapple-chuckers.

The thieves were no match for the Red Sashes. Both young men were skewered, and when Gaucho himself pulled the wagon out behind the gold wagon, Tyrian shot him dead, then threw a lantern on his wagon to set it aflame.

The guards freed the wheels and the Red Sashes raced off with their gold. Meanwhile, Hook and Skinner pursued the fleeing saboteurs and dogged Red Sash. Orlon and Tenner dealt with the flaming wagon and thief corpses.

Death and the Canal

Hook and Skinner raced after the Red Sash. By the time they were close enough to see him, he spotted them, and took off. He left behind something on the canal walkway, probably person sized; it rolled into the dark waters. Nothing surfaces from there, not for a good long while. Shivering, they called off the chase and headed to the rendezvous point.

The Wrecked Wagon

Orlon and Tenner made sure the three men were dead; Orlon took a moment to make sure the old man knew his sons were dead before finishing him off. Then they desperately tried to put out the fire on the wagon. Spooked, the horse took off, dragging the comet-like wagon along as they balanced on it fighting the fire. The realized there was gunpowder in some of the kegs on the wagon, now on fire, with some kegs bouncing out the back.

They managed to unhook the horse from the wagon, and clamped down on the brakes. The wagon stopped, but pitched them off, down the drop to the walkway by the canal. Tenner cracked some ribs on the fall. They both clambered back up in time to see bluecoats taking an interest in the wreckage.

Orlon tried to convince them he was a bluecoat; after all, he and Tenner were wearing make-shift bluecoat uniforms, and it was dark and pouring rain, and Orlon had all the lingo from his years on the force. Compelling as the performance was, one of the bluecoats knew him, and restrained him! Fortunately Orlon was still in the game enough to have a choice piece of dirt, suggesting if he was questioned he’d have to reveal events around a certain raid last spring. The angry bluecoat let Orlon hit him, then Orlon fled into the night.

He met up with Tenner, and together they managed to find one keg of gunpowder that fell off the wagon. That was their biggest profit from the night.

The End

The gang reported back to Virgil and got their 1 Coin, and 1 Coin from the keg. Sure, there may or may not be a loose end or too, but the heat was low enough and there was some pay. Another heist in the life of a scoundrel.

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