Reskinning the elves.

Jack Shear reskinned the traditional races when he made Devilmount, the parody of Dwimmermount. My favorite reskin was to use the same mechanics for dwarves, but to replace them with gray men. That really captured my imagination.

gray men armor

This weekend I had another thought. Where Jack replaced the elves with tieflings (which is also great) I realized how awesome it would be to replace them with kaminoans.


Replace “longsword and longbow” with “spear” for favored weapon (if necessary, or at least in the fluff) and leave the rest as it is. I think that’s an amazing effect.

Here is a rough approximation of how that would scale out and how it would look.

kamoinoan elf comparisonThey could wear a device called “neck shoulders” and walk “folded” to fit in among humans, in roughly this shape.

k elf folded

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