Blades in the Dark: Striking the Red Sashes

We had a second session with gang rules, over 3 hours online.

  • Clave Hellyers. Whisper, the Liar of Duskwall.
  • Prichard Keel, a shrike from the underworld with an uncanny fascination with leviathan song recordings.
  • Paeter Goode, a lurk with a larcenous bent.
  • Benvolio “Dean” Tetsudo, a cutter focused on academic approaches to violence.
  • Timoth O’Neill, a slide, also a noble attached to parliament.

They chose to be a rook gang, with access to resources, working for Stella.

Robbing Sir Myron

The Red Sashes hung on the edge, driven out of position and ripe to either make a comeback or fall into obscurity. The Crows want to push the advantage, so Stella made a plan to steal some of Sir Myron’s most prized books, the First Edition of Evard’s Song Folios. They were annotated volumes of sketched out leviathan song, capable of driving humans insane. With his books stolen, he would pay anything to get them back, stealing from the Elegant Companion Tea House to do so. This would rob them of a formidable leader, reduce their assets, and throw their organization into further disarray.

Knowing the place was guarded by Serlevica, a whisper who branded rats so she could see through them, they prepared their defenses. Clave caught a rat and bonded with the rat network. Stella also noted that there was a signal booster of some kind in the Tea House, and she wanted that too if they could manage it. He tracked the signal booster to the plaster statue of the Goddess of Sensation in the middle of the lounge on the main floor.

Prichard went through a contact to get a fake copy of the folios for a great expense, and Timoth managed to get provenance details. Both paid out great sums to get the most authentic versions possible, good enough to fool an expert.

The Dean arranged for an entourage, and Paeter got some laudanum-soaked peanut butter balls to help against the rats.

Into the Tea House

They used a three prong approach. Clave and Paeter got an alcove in the den of drugs and prostitutes, so Clave could jump into the rat network and help spy. Paeter covered him as he used chalk on the wall, and pinned a rat hide with the glyph in place.

Meanwhile Timoth and Prichard entered, found their way up near Sir Myron’s box seat, and had a discussion about the relative values of leviathan song until they were invited in to the box for further philosophical discussion.

Finally, the Dean swaggered in with his entourage and challenged the Red Sashes to a fighting school pissing match. Unfortunately he met his ex, a deadly woman named Kerlew who lost an eye when they were dating in University and was expelled for killing a man during one of her two-foe battles. She sicced two of the Red Sashes on him, and he welcomed the challenge.

As the Dean fought, Timoth and Prichard bet on his success. The Dean was cornered, but managed to get out of it, and one Red Sash ran the other through accidentally. He was celebrated, and went up to see Sir Myron. (Timoth and Prichard won a coach and four horses in the bet, to Sir Myron’s chagrin.)

Meanwhile Timoth and Prichard managed to pique Sir Myron’s interest, from a collector’s standpoint. When he got up to see them, the Dean insisted they sell him their portfolio; Sir Myron was aghast at the idea, and sent the Dean off with three women and some drugs to celebrate his evening. He decided to take Timoth and Prichard to see his collection, first intending to kill them but then softening towards fellow collectors as Timoth struggled to pull on the deadly philosopher’s heartstrings.

Meanwhile the Red Sashes took the dead body to a pit, so rats would clean the corpse. Clave saw and felt the rats eating the body, and told Paeter. Paeter sloped off after them, but was deterred by Red Sash guards in the kitchen. He was forced to drink with them or be rude, so he shared the laudanum peanut butter balls with them along with the rum; he had to eat one himself, but he shrugged off the effects and slipped down into the basement. He gave the peanut butter balls to the rats, and collected a few teeth from the corpse. He then returned to Clave, then snuck upstairs to follow Sir Myron and company.

The Switch

Sir Myron’s safe room was a brick corridor that used to be a crematorium on the second floor, adapted to be a posh office and living quarters. The dangerous philosopher opened the cremation rack to show off his rare and dangerous book collection.

Timoth flew into a fake outrage at seeing books so stored, and Prichard added to the distraction with his pet lizard. Timoth carefully played the brinkman’s game of focusing the madman’s attention on him and not being gutted; he barely succeeded. Prichard meanwhile swapped the real and fake folios.

He was almost out of time, but Serlevica burst in and shouted that another whisper was among her rats, and she raced downstairs with blood on her mind. Prichard finished the swap, and the shaken scoundrels were escorted downstairs by bodyguards.

Meanwhile, Paeter saw them go, and Timoth gestured to him that there was great loot to be had inside the locked room.

The Grand Exit

He knew he was made, so Clave set the rats to eat each other, and burned the chalk and skin ritual he’d made. The fire swelled out of control and burned him, and as he stumbled out into the room, Serlevica came for him with a sword that turned into an electroplasmic flail. He hurled himself at her and battered his way by, as the Dean shouted encouragement from a balcony above. Clave raced out into the night, pursued by some Red Sashes.

Meanwhile Timoth and Prichard comandeered the Dean’s entourage and stoked their excitement, and they raced into the main room and stole the plaster statue, dashing away with it as the various guards of nobles hooted and shouted encouragement for their daring prank.

The Dean felt no particular reason to leave, as he enjoyed the spoils of his victory in a private room.

Meanwhile Paeter broke into Sir Myron’s room through its protections, nabbed the rest of the valuable books, and escaped through a window using magical objects to cover his escape from the furious Sir Myron.


Since we played one heist, we didn’t worry about clearing stress or lasting conditions. They got paid double (and the Crows cleared far more than that.) All in all, a GREAT heist.

A review.

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