My blog’s fourth anniversary.

MeatheadTime flies when you are having fun.

I started this blog because I was inspired by the OSR blogs I was reading. I wanted to give something back for all the good stuff I was receiving.

The blog didn’t connect with an audience doing that, and was faltering on the edge of folding. Then I found Old School Hack and started hacking it. Later I found World Between. Having something to talk about and some people listening put the blog on much sounder footing.

Then conversation largely moved from blogs to G+. I followed the migration. My design focus has shifted over time too.

Now the blog is less about having scheduled posts and building enough readership to have interesting conversations. The blog is more about having a place to put things so I can link to them from where the conversations are taking place. If I’m playtesting a game, or designing custom content for it, or sharing a resource relevant to a conversation, the link comes back to my home online, right here.

Obsidian Portal has become more of an irritation and less of a resource, so I find myself putting more game reports on the blog. I love having a record of all my rpg sessions since 2012 listed in order on the blog, that’s delightful now and will continue to be into the future.

I wonder how the blog’s use will shift over the coming year. I’m grateful to have such a versatile tool at my disposal.

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