Blades in the Dark: Hollow Invasion

We had a third session with gang rules, 3 hours online.

  • Clave Hellyers. Whisper, the Liar of Duskwall.
  • Prichard Keel, a hound from the underworld with an uncanny fascination with leviathan song recordings.
  • Benvolio “Dean” Tetsudo, a cutter focused on academic approaches to violence.
  • Silence, a whisper, friend to spirits and spirit traffickers.

They chose to be a killer gang, with access to resources, working for Virgil. They met at his box, ringside by the hagfish racing pools.


Over the previous week, the Pace Quarters were hit hard. Regular patrons were hollowed, and teams of five or so attacked with plasm weaponry and cleaned out their earnings. This could not be allowed to continue, so the Crows wanted to know if Baz was working with bringing a new crew into the Crow’s Foot neighborhood. They were to capture one of his lieutenants to interrogate–

Hollow Assault

During the briefing ringside at the hagfish racetrack, hollows attacked the establishment. Ten of them closed in with plasm weaponry and blades intent on Virgil. They were blown away by gunfire (some of it charged shot) and the whispers finished them off by charging a net with electroplasm and swinging it to disintegrate into spirit projectiles that tore up the posessing spirits in the senseless bodies.

Virgil pulled back into his panic room, and the gang headed up to the gambling office. They interrupted a robbery, with a fancy whisper hiding behind two huge bodyguards (hollows possessed by spirits) while a dozen others packed out the strongboxes.

The Dean bore down on the crowd and tore them up. Silence charged and released a spirit to try and take over one bodyguard hollow (the poor spirit was torn up by the existing rider) and Clave yanked the other one out and bound it to his spirit anchor, leaving the body inert. Meanwhile Pritchard fired his plasm gun at the whisper, hitting him in his spirit mask and blowing his brains out. (He was trying to take him alive, but you know…)

One bodyguard threw the other body at Clave, and a spirit was released on the enemy whisper’s belt, sliding up into the body and reanimating it. The reanimated enemy whisper threw runestones at the whispers that flared insanity-inspiring symbols in the ether; Clave was caught, and started hallucinating images of the last six spirits he destroyed.

Pritchard fired on the mob, helping pick off the few stragglers that survived the Dean’s initial onslaught (where he lost his weapons in the bodies at some point.) Silence charged the reanimated whisper with Clave’s help, dragging the animating spirit out as Clave narrowly avoided a shiv.

Mop Up

Victorious, they got their bearings. The whispers collaborated to find the enemy whisper’s ghost in the ruins left behind by the possessing spirit, and they carefully extracted it. (A spirit is like a kite; frail, but capable of flying and strength with wind lifting it. They taped his “kite” spirit back together to reinvigorate it with electroplasm later for interrogation.) Pritchard and the Dean looted their attackers for ammunition and weapons, and then they all took the strongboxes down to Virgil’s panic room. He let them in to hide from the bluecoats who were now showing up (more hollows had attacked, but were gone now.)  He even showed them the moon pool that let him come and go from here if desperate. (They just waited and left later.)

They did make sure to throw any incriminating corpses (like the enemy whisper) to the hagfish pool to dispose of the evidence.


Virgil was grateful for their help personally, and the Crows were grateful that they protected the gambling earnings. Troublesome questions persisted. Why attack the hagfish stands in force on a slow afternoon? (Probably to capture Virgil.) Who was behind the hollow invasion?

Silence checked with his friend Flint, a spirit trafficker, to see if he could tell where the spirits for all these hollows originated. Flint required a payoff, but explained they came through the Iruvian embassy; not sure if it the embassy knew it was happening, or it was smuggling. He also got replacements for expended gear for himself and Clave.

Clave shrugged off his stress and his hallucinations. Pritchard and Silence also de-stressed, and looked ahead to more mayhem.

The Actual Heist


They met with Virgil again, this time where he sullenly hid on Selvin Street (where no one likes him.) The mission: to “collect” Mr. Aristide, proprietor of the Nightwater Public House. The Nightwater was both a business and a nexus of smuggling enterprise, and if Baz was up to a new factional arrangement, Aristide would know.

Minus the Dean, the crew continued on. This time they chose to be an Adept gang, with a rook gang for backup, still working for Virgil since it was his job to begin with.

Clave interrogated the enemy whisper, who revealed the purpose of the crew was to take more control of Duskwall’s trade in leviathan blood, as it was superior to making lightning oil than what they used at home. He refused to say who sponsored him, but both the crew’s whispers were Iruvian and could easily guess it was one of the aristocratic houses.

Silence scouted out the pub and found that it whisper protections were old and feeble, with the exception of a spirit bane charm on Aristide himself. He also noted there were always hollows there, watching. Pritchard scouted the place and got a sense of its defenses, noting that Aristide never left the building; he had all he wanted there.

Pritchard was observed scouting, and some Lampblack thugs followed him back. As he was reporting in the snug of the Rampant Eel, the Lampblacks attacked. Pritchard warned them not to start a fight, then Silence demanded one. Without rising, Clave released a ghost to scare the daylights out of the Lampblacks, who fled. The crew relocated to the Three Legged Dog to continue plotting.

Making a Move

On the day of the heist, they were all in the Nightwater, watching Aristide hold court at one end of the huge public room. On cue, Tatyana led her carousing buddies up to meet the boss, and spilled her expensive drink on him, and apologized profusely as she mopped it up and palmed his amulet. Successful, they withdrew back to their table.

Silence released his friend Nyryx, a possessing spirit who was not addicted to the feel of a meat sleeve. She took over Aristide, but found something in him she didn’t like; he convulsed and frothed at the mouth, and the crew needed an immediate distraction!

Pritchard signaled Tatyana, who got in a huge argument with the rest of the gang about who was the father of her child. They resisted the bouncers and involved some whalers, who escalated things until it was a grand melee. Pritchard snuck off to the side and discharged his gun, drawing more attention away; as he was chased off, Clave and Silence entered the mayhem and steered Aristide’s body out to the waiting wagon, where he was carted off to be questioned. Success!

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