Blades in the Dark: Construction

BitD Title_01 by James Dudli

This game was hosted by Antigen Con 2, an online convention during Gen Con. I got to play with three players I had not played with before, and they used pre-gen characters. The session was about two hours.

We had a slide, the Doctor. A cutter, Wrench. And a lurk, Smith. They formed a rook gang for the Crows, with a backup vehicle, and they worked for Stella doing a spy mission.

The Mission

Stella informed them that spirifers were taking over customers of their gambling dens and making them hollows, then using their occupied bodies to rob Crow establishments. The attacks must stop! Hollows were tracked back to an area, and the suspected organization that might be involved was the Rising Dawn construction company, run by Iruvians. The task was to figure out if the Rising Dawn and their gangs (called Sunuppers) were involved in the attacks by hollows.


Wrench and the Doctor hung out where the Iruvians drank while off-duty, and found out they had a horror of the state of Duskwall medicine. The Doctor tried a meet and greet with the foreman, Darmaan, who coolly brushed him off.

Still, he had acquainted himself with Darmaan. So he was on hand a few days later when Smith ran Darmaan down on his bicycle, knocking him down a slope, so the foreman broke his leg quite badly.

Going In

Since the Doctor was on hand, he immediately tried to help Darmaan. Along with his assistant the Wrench, they hustled the injured foreman to the Rising Dawn headquarters, and took him down to the basement office so they could fix his leg in a safe place for him.

Darmaan screamed with pain, so the Doctor sent everyone from the room but his assistant the Wrench, and one Iruvian. He set the leg, deliberately laming the foreman for the rest of his life. The Iruvian was sent to go get some supplies to ease Darmaan’s semi-conscious suffering.

As the Doctor started tossing the office for information, the Wrench strode out and commanded the guard standing at the sewer/canal entry door to go help get supplies. The worker scuttled off, and Smith (who had scouted the location previously) stole up the stairs outside the metal door. Unfortunately, it was locked with a proper lock, and the guard took the key. Smith took his time, and accidentally scratched up the lock, but with Wrench helping by listening on the other side, he got it unlocked.

Not quite fast enough! A pair of Iruvian workers spotted the Wrench and challenged him, asking what he was doing; he couldn’t bluff them very well, so he whipped out his custom-weighted hammer and fought with them. He darted through the door, and they pursued him down the stairs, to where Smith drew his blades and leaped into the melee.

Smith stabbed one to death, but the other was big and roaring with fear and rage. Using a carpet knife to cut at them, he was a formidable foe, hurling the Wrench at the ink-black waters of the canal; the Wrench splayed out prone rather than falling into those haunted waters, and Smith tried to whip his night cloak over the dangerous worker’s head to distract him long enough to finish him off.

The big man would not fall, so the Wrench tackled him into the waters, going in with him. He wasn’t under for long, but he came face to face with the pale face of a ghostly girl, who slid into him through his eyes before Smith dragged him out of the canal waters. Now struggling with a psychic hitch hiker, the Wrench reeled, and managed to stagger back up to where the Doctor worked, while Smith waited in the sewer.

Retrieving the Information

Meanwhile, the Doctor had tossed the office, stuffing Iruvian correspondence and codes and worker information into a satchel. He dosed Darmaan with trance powder and got further secrets from the foreman; there was a hospice run by a mystic, and they hollowed out those who did not have others who cared about them. He was never to speak of it! Also, there was a deeper secret he would not divulge.

Frustrated to have almost enough to please Stella, but not enough, the Doctor got the Wrench’s help to secure a wheelbarrow from down the hall, and they resolved to bluff their way out and interrogate the foreman at their leisure somewhere safe.

They blustered their way down the hall, and almost got past some guards, but suspicion snapped around them. The situation turned into a grand melee, and as the Doctor tried escaping with the wheelbarrow, its wheel shattered under the weight of its load.

As they struggled to escape with the foreman, their armor was slashed to ribbons as Smith snuck up to the confrontation to assist. He pounced in and grabbed the foreman, under the Doctor’s orders, dragging him out of the melee as the Wrench was pinned to the wall, a cut claiming one of his eyes!

The Doctor sprang clear of the fracas and drew their attention, momentarily pausing the battle with an impassioned declaration that this was all a misunderstanding–and in that moment of distraction, the Wrench struck decisively, and they all sprinted away slamming the door behind them. Angry workers almost caught them, but the gondola that waited for their pre-arranged signal was in place, and they made a messy but effective getaway.


The Doctor was willing to interrogate Darmaan to death, and he found out that the Iruvian embassy was smuggling bottled spirits into Duskwall to aid the new crew working Crow’s Foot, now named the Wax Mask. Finally possessed of enough detail to return to Stella without fear of failure, the gang finished out the adventure by getting paid in style.

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