The Long Con

Not the long confidence game, but the idea of focusing an entire weekend on playing one game. I found this, thanks to Kelley Vanda (one of my G+ friends.)

Friday night game. Same table, same players, for two sessions on Saturday. Then one more on Sunday morning.

Just like that, I get this feeling, like before I leveled up in adulting, when I could spend a weekend on a game because my friends and I had nothing better to do. This time never existed! But I could have a piece of it, right here.

Immediately the doubts creep in. That’s spending money; can’t you do something like that at home? What if you don’t get enough players? What if the people that end up at your table wreck this thing by having a miserable time and your bucket list objective gets soured? What if you end up with a cold that weekend?

To that I say, yeah, well… what if it goes right?

Then it gets really, really quiet.

I could take a basic setup for Blades in the Dark and play out a whole miniseries in that frame of time. We could make a story together that would be the stuff of legends; the game is so fast, so energetic, so flexible, we could spin out a truly amazing arc from the origin of the crew to its destiny, over the course of SEVENTEEN HOURS of gaming. To put that in perspective, the five sessions of the Unrecommendables so far have been about 15.

I’m going to have to think about this.


It just doesn’t make sense for me to go. I’ve already taken on Axes and Anvils as an “unfunded mandate” that I’m going to do, and going to find the money for. That’s not going to be easy. I said yes to that, and so I’m saying no to the long con. It just doesn’t make sense to spend money on a weekend that I’m going to need to make a game.

Maybe another year.


Only the context has changed. I know a place where people could stay for a weekend, so no hotel bills, and I could drive them around for errands if needed. We could make our own long con, if I had 3-4 people from out of town who wanted to visit. They would pay their airfare, and I would cover food expenses while they were in town. This idea also has merit, and holds my attention. Not this year, but maybe next year, with some of the people who game with me online who might be willing to head to the Midwest for an event such as this.

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