Many Masks of Lace Falls: Into the Odd

I had a great group of six (!) players for my first attempt at a Roll d20 game. They took on the possibly abandoned fey fortress on Lace Falls, on the Missouri River.


Sixty veterans were hired by Sir Atticus Bellows to mount an assault on the fortress. It was previously the fortress of Thrustus, a fey knight who hunted humans for sport. The site was festooned with wytherwitch weed, a common fire-and-forget scorched earth technique the fey used. He is almost certainly not home, but his trophies may be, so it was worth exploring. One guilder to make the attempt, and four for each survivor.

Twenty vets attacked on small boats, coming from the north. Twenty came across the east bridge, and twenty (including our characters) on the west bridge.

As they attacked, the wytherwitch manifested and tried to drain them; the ex-soldiers found the pods feeding the tendrils and killed them. One of them, a one-eyed melee warrior named Hayes, swung down on a rope to cut down the last of it that the guns didn’t get. Passing other wounded and retreating warriors, the crew grimly closed in on the catheralesque fortress.

Glassic Attack

They got in to the top balcony in a big central chamber, to see the stained glass panels sliding down and coalescing into killing machines. They combined bombs and gunfire to try and shatter them, and Hayes raced down to the floor to fight a mass that threatened other teams. When he was knocked down by a combination of friendly fire and cutting surfaces, the team leader Oliver more-or-less bungeed down to help out, and was promptly cut down by the fey construct.

Finally they managed to put it down, bloody and battered. They saw the other fights had moved elsewhere, so they rested a bit. They were approached by odd bundled corpse-like marionette things of dead soldiers, who popped out twig bundles with pre-built spiderwebs in them. They gunned the abominations down. Shaken and uneasy, they continued into a tower.

Trophy Masks

They found masks with the dying essence of the victim trapped inside, in the same room with silk and bone constructs. Probably shouldn’t let those meet! They fired on a mask that floated across the room, and set all the constructs on fire, then retreated from the thick smoke.

On the middle balcony, they saw the 12 foot tall frame of the fey knight, wrapped in a dozen trophy masks including a glamor mask on his face. By now they suspected some kind of puppet master, as several things they fought seemed to be under remote control. They kept a keen eye out for the one pulling the strings. A bush by the throne was festooned in spiderweb, and was used as a sounding board to taunt them.

In the meantime, they found the throne could only be seen from this level, not the level above or below. They fired on the knight, but found the results unsatisfying. They went upstairs and got a glimpse of the puppet master, a spider/centaur/man thing. They fired blind on where they thought it might be, then pulled back warily, still cloaked in the smoke from the fire downstairs.

Puppet Master

While they were debating, the knight leaped up to the balcony to fight them, spear in hand! Hayes retreated to the throne, where he found the spider man thing, who was muttering that surely the combat would wake the master (like he couldn’t accept his master was dead.) Hayes battled the spider thing with a mad rush, and Oliver rappelled down to help him out, while the others fought the knight to a standstill.

The spider man thing fired out thorns, knocking Oliver down but not stopping Hayes. Meanwhile the massive cannon Gilbert toted around continued firing at foes, helping knock the knight down (though it was his cut strings that did him in.)

They found that the knight’s corpse was a puppet that his servant was using, trying to get him to come back to life by staging a proper bloody battle. Cutting open the knight and the spider thing were both unpleasant tasks.

Each adventurer took a single mask, and headed back to report their success. They were paid four guilder each, and they became properly seasoned adventurers. (And Marcus bought Oliver a proper rappelling harness.)

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