First time on Roll d20.

Lace Falls screen shot

I lacked the technical know-how to insert a floor plan on the map level, but I like what I ended up with better anyway. It would not work for all scenarios, but it worked for this one. I made a token for Team One (You can see it in the middle, in one of the towers) and then under the heading “Team One” they put their characters.

We referred back and forth between the evocative picture and a top-down area sketch of the areas in the picture, so that kept the art forefront in their imaginations as we went. I think that worked pretty well.

I advised them how to use their circles on their tokens, you can see that in the text on the lower left.

I put the unused tokens for characters under my “fog of war” area, also the pre-prepared monster tokens. So when I needed a monster, I dragged it out of the fog to where the players could see it. If I needed more than one, I copy pasted it. When I was done with the monster, it went back into the fog. I planned on that being very abstract, but they sometimes arranged their tokens around it for relative positioning. All in all, I think it worked out pretty well.

Another document in the background was a shared Googledoc that I pre-set with a miniature character sheet and some character creation guidance. We were going to fill that in when we started, but since I linked to it ahead of time (and character creation is, to understate, PRETTY EASY,) the characters were pretty much made before we started.

Characters ItO Lace Falls

Under that, this text:

Character generation: roll 3d6 for each ability score. You may swap any two scores.

STRENGTH: fighting, fortitude, toughness.

DEXTERITY: Stealth, athletics, reflexes.

WILLPOWER: Confidence, discipline, and charisma.

Start with 1d6 hit points, a measure of the ability to avoid life-threatening damage.

Everyone in the expedition has: 1 combat knife (1d6), 1 lantern, basic climbing gear and 30 feet of rope, mapping kit, camping equipment, and 5 days rations. (Tellurian military surplus)

Those starting with guns get 30 bullets that fit each gun.

I put out an open call for players in my G+ circles and figured I’d get maybe 5-6, with 1-2 cancellations; enough to game. I got NINE YES REPLIES, which was astonishing to me. I wondered if I could do it, or if I was being too ambitious, but I decided to take a crack at it. In the last six hours before the game I had three cancellations, and even six was a lot of people to try and manage spotlight time, but I think it turned out great.

I also have a G+ circle of people who want to be notified next time I put together an expedition Into the Odd. It has 29 people in it. This one is likely to make it to the table again, I think.

In the meantime, my ongoing development of the setting continues here.

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