Greater KC RPG Day!

Today I’m attending the Greater KC RPG day. I’m running a session of Lasers and Feelings in the morning, and Into the Odd in the afternoon. I’m hoping to meet lots of great people at this event! Also, I’m giving out the address of my blog here.

greater kc rpg dayHere is a look at my Into the Odd setting that is under development, with reference documents. It is a work in progress, but you are welcome to use what I have and adapt it to your own nefarious ends. The original game is here.

Here is my expanded Lasers and Feelings material. The original game is here, and the portraits are here.

I will update this page with links to play reports as they are finished.

Boldly Go had four players for 2:30.

The Many Masks of Lace Falls had five players for 2:45.

Many thanks to Beth, Brian, Matt, Jeremiah, Matt, DaNay, Kelsey, and especially Angela (who played in both my games!) I hope to play with you all again at some point.

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