Blades in the Dark: Unrecommendables: Piece of Cake

BitD Title_01 by James Dudli

As it turns out, Wolfram bumped into a former shipmate, and realized he was being summoned by the Forgotten Gods to go on a pilgrimage to the Dagger Isles. He boarded a ship, but the protothought Tsothoggua in his head resonated poorly with the Dreamer under the Never Sea, and he had a high fever. He was isolated on the voyage, and kicked out on the Dagger Isles, where he recovered enough to crawl aboard and stow away on a ship headed back to Duskwall. He slept in fever dreams that traveled distant lands the whole trip, and upon awaking was buried in over 200 furry corpses of rats that were drawn to the smell of another world and slain by the thirst that reached through Wolfram’s body and into theirs.

Wolfram staggered back to the Emporium to find a nattily dressed Aldo having a reflective moment over coffee. As they were catching up on past events, Duster returned from the “family business” he had been handling in Carrow. No one asked him any questions of what THAT was about.

First Down Time

The crew had a heart-to-heart with Lysander, who was NOT happy that they did not have the title to the theater or his favorite dozen stolen employees rescued yet. While Wolfram acted woozy and dug bits of dead rat out of his outfit, Aldo was forced into a stammering explanation of the difficulties he faced recently; they eventually relocated the conversation to the Emporium for more frank conversation and catching up. Time to act!

Wolfram supervised Harmony’s gang as they set roles for themselves and approached the city bureaucracy as buyers for the Worldstage Theater, rivals of Aldo. They cycled the 4 Coin needed to buy the theater through various forms assisted by Amancio the Fence, and over the course of the entire down time they managed to secure the title! To celebrate they ate caviar out of a wooden clog with tiny silver spoons (except Wolfram, who got a bigger spoon to enjoy it properly.)

Meanwhile Aldo refreshed himself and also made the rounds to cool down the heat the crew had attracted; his confidence was damaged, and he had to spend money to avoid disaster while chatting up bluecoats.

Duster rested to recover from his time in Carrow, then started looming over employees at Tenpenny Court to make sure they knew who the new bosses were.

Second Down Time

Aldo managed to put together a big party and spent the coin to give the Tenpenny Court the night off, dinner, and a recital from Lysander. Everyone was won over, and the enterprise was now firmly in the control of the Unrecommendables.

Wolfram talked with the others, and they came to an accord that it was time to see what the Dimmer Sisters knew about the Wax Masks; that seemed safer than probing the Lampblacks or the Crows for more information, or going after it firsthand.

So, Wolfram went to a baker and ordered him to make a fantastic black cake with off-white frosting as a gift for the Dimmer Sisters. The baker did not make the cake black enough, so Wolfram beat him up and dragged him to another bakery, so his failure would be instructive. The second baker did a fantastic job, now the top of the list for all Wolfram’s baking needs.

They went to dinner the following night, meeting Marcy once more as they passed the guardian hellhounds. The sisters were dressed one black one white, and greeted them warmly in an intimate dining environment. A dolphin was put on the table with flaps cut in the side with their portions of fantastically cooked dinner in compartments in the body. After a hearty meal, they enjoyed the cake, which oozed red filling that was just delicious with a hint of copper in the “cherry” flavor.

Duster also noticed that they were tied into one another’s life force, so if one died the other could pull the essence of electroplasm and personality (basically life) into another body, and they could continue together. But they were both burned where the third one had been torn from them long ago. Their life force fueled many electroplasmic defenses and other oddities in the house that were ancient and beyond his ken, but he did realize they were centuries old.

Retiring to the study, they found out the Dimmer Sisters thought the boy Isaac was the most important development in the city; they whispered to Aldo that the boy was a splinter or seed of the Outsider, connected to Aldo’s life force, present in this time for a purpose. He should not be freed from flesh. Aldo agreed.

Questioned about the Wax Mask, they found out it was Iruvians in Duskwall looking to steal leviathan blood because it makes the best lightning oil. The Wax Mask was a spirifer, who could steal souls out of bodies with great skill, and the Dimmer Sisters had questions for him about technique and such; they didn’t sound like they’d be gentle in the asking.

After a fine night of dining and creepy conversation, they took their leave and decided to make a rapid hit on the Wax Masks.

Snatching the Wax Mask

First Aldo asked around and found out where hollows with Wax Mask spirits could be regularly found. Then Duster led the thugs and adepts in a kidnapping; one thug was killed, another fried by canal spirits, but they succeeded and Duster branded the body so the spirit could not escape.

Wolfram worked with the rook gang to question the hostage, promising to set him free so he would no longer have to serve the Iruvians and he would be beyond their reach; Duster agreed to help with that, so the hollow gave up the location of the Wax Mask’s operation. When Duster proved good as his word, the ghost gave him a camo patina so he would appear to be a hollow and could penetrate the defenses.

Wasting no time, they settled on an occult plan and used Duster’s patina and whisper skills as the supernatural power. They marched up to the sewer grating underground, and easily fooled the hollows that these were good candidates to hollow out for spirits.

Once inside, they found “the Bin” which was a barge moored for quick getaway (relatively) with almost 200 coma patients aboard, ready for spirit use. Duster got into some banter with the locals, who grew suspicious; they followed one who led them right to the Wax Mask.

Aldo teleported right up behind the Wax Mask with a blade to his (her?) throat, saying they just wanted to talk. He took a chance and backed off, impressing the Wax Mask, who was open to parlay. They talked about the leviathan blood trade, and tried to coax the Wax Mask to come personally inspect the supply. In an effort to sway the Wax Mask Duster even gave up details on Carrow’s location and trade.

The Wax Mask balked, and violence ensued; Wolfram swiftly dispatched one murderous Hollow while Aldo surprisingly wiped his out as well. As Duster struggled before dispatching his foe, the others piled on to the Wax Mask. Wolfram resisted a spirit attack, then Aldo used trance powder and knocked the spirifer out cold.

They retreated a different way than they came in, with Duster suppressing the alarms and the others cutting through the gratings locked in the way. Wolfram led them out once they got to major intersections.

Once clear, Wolfram commissioned a coffin-shaped black cake to deliver the Wax Mask to the Dimmer Sisters, as well as some questions they wanted answered during the Q&A the Sisters would host. (They were handsomely paid 4 Coin for the effort.) The operation attracted no heat.

The session lasted about 3:20 with 3 players, 2 down time sessions, and 1 heist.

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