Blades in the Dark: Soul Food

BitD Title_01 by James Dudli

Open table, 5 players, 2:30 including making a couple characters. This is my last open table game with the quick start, because the Unrecommendables are in version freeze and I don’t want to try to keep two versions of the game in my head ready to run at once. This episode ran on quickstart version 3f.

Noose, a slide. Spider, a whisper. Shadow, a lurk. Boots, a hound. Oak, a cutter.

They chose to operate as adepts, lairing in the back of a tailor’s shop, working for Virgil. (Gang rules.)


They met with Virgil, who told them things were heating up with the feud involving the Wax Masks. Someone kidnapped the spirifer in charge of the gang, and the spirits are going nuts; either they are stuck in bodies and become vampires, or they go out fighting, or they find another fate. Their future has little hope or longevity, and many are lashing out at the Crows figuring they were involved in the kidnapping because they are at war.

Lyssa, leader of the Crows, came in looking rough. She had four bodyguards–Spider and Oak both realized one of them was spirit-ridden. The possessed guard tried to shoot Spider, but Oak knocked the guns aside and killed the guard, then focused to help Spider capture the escaping spirit with his fine spirit anchor. Obviously the situation is out of hand!

Before the disruption, a shipment of spirits was sent from Iruvia to reinforce the Wax Masks. Currently, it was held at a warehouse that was well guarded. Get in, find the box of spirits, bring it out, and get double pay! (2 Coin.)


Shadow came up with the idea of planting evidence that some of the bluecoats guarding the warehouse were spirit-ridden and untrustworthy. He got Noose to write some incendiary evidence (unfortunately on paper that would be easily traced back to Dan Street Correspondence, but he needed lots of paper in a hurry) then he snuck in and left it in the pigeonhole message area (but was spotted before he could plant more evidence deeper in the warehouse.)

Because of the fresh suspicion, more bluecoats were called in for extensive testing by whispers, reducing the manpower available to guard the warehouse.

Boots cozied up to a drunk guard who was whining about how he was supposed to fix these three or four storm drain covers on the big drain under the warehouse, but there was something scary down there, and he didn’t have the money or the time or the help he needed and deserved. (The bluecoat, Krefler, is certainly going to be fired or imprisoned for letting that slip.)

Oak talked to his boxing friend and arranged for him to bring some lads around and start a fight in the street about the time the mission was to go down, so some of the guards would be distracted and there would be fewer to deal with.

Spider hit the books and studied up on the scant lore on the Iruvian tradition of spirifers, their own spirit manipulators that use mesmerism and peculiar long spindly brass implements to insert and remove souls.

The Heist Begins

Coming out of the drain system behind the three levels of security into the warehouse, they took a moment to be astounded by the sheer volume of space inside. Globes of modest light allowed for basic navigation. They headed out into the warehouse to find the souls.

They all dressed as bluecoats except Noose, who dressed as a Chief Inspector (complete with shiny badge.) Still, they kept a low profile and managed to identify and avoid two roving patrols of bluecoats, four to each patrol.

Oak focused on the bluecoats to see if any of them were possessed, and he detected one in a patrol. However, he also accidentally tuned in to see the supernatural protections on the warehouse, and they unsettled him. The interior was painted in undying leviathan blood runes, iterations of the name of a leviathan. Any spirit not in a physical form (like riding a body or trapped in a crystal) would evaporate in here, vanishing into the endless hunger of the leviathan that corresponded with the name, deep in the Never Sea elsewhere.

The name was painted up like ribs, filling the warehouse with supernatural pressure; maybe this is the air that the leviathan was breathing out in the deeps. The level of collusion with a demon was distressing, as were the implications of the symbols that burned themselves into Oak’s mind.

The Guards

Meanwhile Spider managed to track the energy signature to a secure area at the side of the warehouse, with two iron-hard veteran house guard bluecoats guarding it. The scoundrels formed a plan.

Noose strutted out as Chief Inspector, with Oak as his loyal (and potentially more competent) assistant. He was not very convincing that there were intruders afoot, but Oak sold the bit with the legitimate uneasiness and fear in his eyes. One of the guards reluctantly agreed to go along and check out the spirit-ridden guard. The remaining guard got more paranoid in his stance.

Once they left, Boots helped boost Shadow up in place, to go around on the roof and get the drop on the remaining guard. Shadow saw a skeleton of a great cat wired together and seemingly discarded on the roof of the shack, but steered clear of it.

Spider came out of the shadows pretending to be lost, trying to catch up with the Chief Inspector. The guard didn’t buy his act, but he didn’t need to; the distraction served long enough for Shadow to drop behind him and kill him out of hand. Boots watched from the shadows as Spider and Shadow rifled the guards’ pockets and came up with a ring of seven keys–but which one was the right one?

Noose and Oak convinced the guard to take them to the patrol, describing the appearance of the spirit-ridden guard. Along the way, the guard’s natural suspicion rose again, and this time he demanded papers; Noose distracted him with a sheaf of papers long enough for Oak to jump on him, taking a blade on his armor, and choke him out to unconsciousness.

They had dropped coins along the way, so as not to be lost in the trackless warehouse. They returned to the secured subsection of the warehouse just in time to witness the attack.

Raiding the Secure Storage

Bickering over keys, Spider checked them studiously for wear and sympathetic use while Shadow checked them to see what he thought would be the right build for the lock type. They tried the wrong key before finding the right one. As Spider went down the rows looking for the Iruvian cargo, the bones on the roof above animated. Boots spotted them and warned Shadow right before they came at him.

Shadow feinted with his shadow cloak and dispatched the pouncing cat-thing with one swipe. Meanwhile Spider came wobbling out with the heavy crate of souls. Oak hefted the box, and together the rogues made their getaway, barely reaching the exit point as the shutters started rolling down. They escaped into the fog.

Meeting back at the tailor shop’s back room, they briefly discussed alternatives to selling the souls to the Crows, but decided to do what they were hired to do. The souls went to the Crows, and the gang pulled off another successful heist.

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