Guns of Telluria: Arcanum

One of the charming things about Into the Odd is the unique magical objects that may well start out in the hands of characters at generation. I’ve scaled back the availability, but also created some new arcanum.

Pierce Cutter. A forearm greave with five angled blades along its length. It can sever a magical or physical connection. If used as a weapon, it does d8 damage to any one attribute, ignoring hit points. Each use costs the bearer 1d4 Strength damage.

Breathing Sword. Shortsword made of moon steel with a thousand names carved on the blade. When drawn, everyone within 10 feet can breathe normally, even underwater or in choking smoke or while strangled etc.

Sanguine Oilcan. A fist sized round container with a handle and a spout. Anything anointed for a full round and then lit burns to sand and ashes in a full round. Whatever is lit takes 15 damage per use. The can must be refilled with blood from a living thing, 1d4 hit points per dose. It can hold 3 doses.

Bone Winder. A bone key the size of a forearm, it can be inserted into a human spine and cranked (like a key for winding clocks.) It inflicts 1 damage per turn of winding. When the wound-up target next acts, the target gets double speed or double actions for one consecutive round per winding.

Kickers. Tough work boots with bright red spats. Take a full round to kick a portal, and it will open. Take a full round to kick a target (like a person) and inflict 1d6 damage and send the target flying 30 feet back. Every 10 feet they don’t go because they hit an obstacle first, inflict another 1d4 damage. (1d4 at 20 feet, 2d4 at 10 feet, 3d4 point blank.)

Fangshot. “Y” shaped piece of bone with a stretchy leather cord. Pull the slingshot all the way back and painlessly lose a tooth (you can choose which one.) Then shoot, with automatically enhanced damage regardless of impairing circumstances.

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