Guns of Telluria: Death on Ice

First event for Greater Kansas City RPG Day today!

Two veterans rode the icebreaker ship to the far north where a glacier slid out of some fey realm onto Telluria, after grinding over the city of Bolwyrd for centuries. Now, as the glacier is calving into the sea, adventurers are going into the fissures and crevasses looking for magical trinkets and frozen wealth.

Kindyl was a specialist with artillery when she was in the military, and she was a decorated hero. However, her starting equipment was pretty sparse. Devin was an army medic, glad to have a pistol shotgun but also on the sparse end of equipment.

The Gun Heist

Since they were on the icebreaker for weeks on end, they concocted a plan to fix their equipment situation. First Devin rigged a still and made friends on board by sharing improvisational vodka. Then Kindyl identified a target; the roundly hated Duke Helderschipp, who brought an expedition to help/watch him shoot fey on the ice.

First Kindyl schmoozed Damvers, the ammo carrier; he was not interested in ripping his boss off, too scared. Kindyl identified Khalid, an abusive drunk who was a beater, basically monster bait to draw out things for the Duke to shoot. She figured him for a patsy, and arranged with Schmidt, a steward, to get into the Duke’s armory.

They swiftly took some pistols and rifles from the armory, then took the duke’s prize gun. They knocked Khalid out and put the gun with him, so he was blamed for all the theft and shot, then tossed overboard. They arrived at the camp soon afterwards, slipping away before anyone could get curious.

Up the Ice

They set out in the morning in a mob of about 30 adventurers, who left the main trail to head for cracks they felt were promising. Without incident, they reached a mid-to-high level crack, with Kindyl looting every frozen corpse along the way. (She looted corpses in the Battle of New Orleans; frozen is better than bloated.)

They found a rope anchored and left in place, and figured some adventurers used it to get down and didn’t need to come back up. They made the descent into the ice.


A Cold Welcome

As they were following a cliff face, they found some ladder-like steps chopped in the climb. Just then, from a gelid pool of water, some skulls rose out of the water and lunged through the air at the adventurers. They were the size of horse skulls, but with vicious rabbit teeth, and as they drew blood they grew weird cauls of life energy trailing behind the head.

The noise of firing guns at them drew the attention of two massive ice wolves that leaped down the cliff and attacked just as the skulls were wiped out. Devin thrust his shotgun against one’s ribs and shot it, and they took the other out quickly.

Devin raked the pool and found a pouch of fey coin!

Sic ’em!

They continued, and found a furry chitenous scavjeck, like an ewok with beetle armor. It had two more ice wolves on leashes, and released them to attack! As they fired on the wolves, they noted the ceiling wasn’t stable.

They managed to take the wolves out, and the vicious scavjeck, when other scavjeck were attracted to the sounds of battle. Kindyl shot at the unstable ceiling, and it caved in on the scavjeck.

Devin investigated, climbing up on the cave-in, and found they might squeeze through. But it would be risky. They went another way instead.

Chutes and Slides

They tip-toed through another room with an unstable ceiling, finding a shaft down into the ice. Tying their ropes together, they cooperated to lower Devin down. He slipped a few times, but got to the end of the rope; it was 30 feet from the bottom, but he untied the rope and climbed down the rest of the way.

Meanwhile something was animating in the wall, so without even tying off the rope or using it to help herself, Kindyl slid down the chute, getting battered in the process.

After resting, they followed the next chamber past piles of frozen skulls, and found another drop. This one was sheer, and it was difficult to climb down, but they managed it.

Resting to ease their cuts and bruises, they heard water in a slit down the middle of the chamber. Sure enough, more coldskulls attacked, and were battered down.

The Warrior Princess

They saw a mass of furs, and figured it was a trap; very cautiously approaching, they found it was a fey warrior princess frozen to death. They took her tiara and enchanted fighting claws.

Continuing on, they found a misty room, and hurried through it; then there was a cliff. They managed the climb, and found themselves back in the chamber where they started.

Victory on Ice

Both of them survived, and each pocketed over $650 in loot. That was enough ice climbing for them.

(Thanks to Laura and Will for a great game!)

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