Edge City: Glim Rift

Session 1 of Edge City in the new year! I will try putting in adventure reports for this game on my blog, like I do the rest of them. This is a game in progress, so… there will be questions. The city has traditionally resisted capture, but here is a site with some old notes.

Edge City banner

I am trying something new in 2016. Johnn Four made the Campaign Logger to track continuity across sessions. The format is like Twitter, and you can put words in categories that are searchable (by word and by category.) I was curious enough to get the Campaign Logger, and this is the first time I’ve tried it out.

I feel like it will be more useful for online games where I’m sitting at the computer while I play, but I’m experimenting to see if it can help me bring better order to my Edge City notes. I’ve copied and pasted entries out of where I wrote them in the software so they can be seen by my players. All the hyperlinks can be clicked in the software, so if I want to see every entry with Genevieve in it, I click on one link and there they are.

Wish me luck as I try something new. Here are the notes from session 1.

Edge City 2016 summary 01, Glim Rift

I can already see trouble brewing in communicating with players. For example, I have an entry that I forgot to put in the stream, but I saved the Word to .pdf to manage version control. So I can either rebuild the document and include the point I left out, or note it here and they’ll have information in multiple places, or just not worry about it and let them take their own damn notes.

The Campaign Logger does not yet have a way to share the tweeterbase I’m building with the players.

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