Edge City: Declawed

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After healing up Hammerhand, Genevieve and Adrian and Lydia were still on the yacht. Lydia collapsed, the frequent use of her teleporting having pushed her energies out of alignment since she was swarming with so many stolen kinds of energy. Genevieve and Adrian looked her over with concern, and had to conclude she’d probably be alright after some rest and her life force had a chance to “cure.”

Rescuing Burninator

Genevieve telepathically linked to Burninator, who was struggling under the effects of drugs and couldn’t tell much about his surroundings. Then Pillars, a demon secubus, looked into his eyes and saw Genevieve. She invited Genevieve to join her at an address in Torpedo Bay.

Genevieve telepathically linked to Kinsleton and asked to meet, they all went to the Slap Shot, a plastic cafe across the parking lot from the stadium in Torpedo Bay. Mugsy drove the yacht in close enough and they left, and he took Lydia back out to sea. He would protect the Key, along with Tidelia, who still provided guard duty.

They met with Pillars, who insisted that she had her own reasons to want the Brass Embassy closed. She had for debtors (mummy-like servitors) with hellguns at her disposal, and she nabbed Burninator before Hell could get him. They sent the Quartet, four nasty Lords of Air, who were going to try and kill him again.Pillars told them she was picking their side, because of the bounty Hell put on them; if Hell was that upset, then they had a chance of winning. She gave them the phone number to the basement, and they left.

After a short cab ride took them to where Burninator stashed the Hot Rod, he drove them all to his secret base, Hot Springs, where they took in the ambiance and planned their next move.

Burninator was in touch with Bellmont, who was in town hunting demons. Bellmont was going to confront some demons the same night, on the holy ground of St. Michael’s cathedral, Downtown. Burninator checked in with him, then they headed out to provide backup.

The St. Michaels Showdown

Bellmont was on the cathedral roof, and the last two Claws of Marribus moved through the churchyard to close in on him. Adrian levitated Genevieve up on the roof, where she could back Bellmont up as needed. As Kinsleton battered the psyche of one of them using the Dread Curse of Azathoth, Burninator maxed his powers and fried the other one, surviving because of Adrian’s mystical shield.

The other one roared with the influx of power, growing wings, and the whole group battered him with supernatural energy; knocked off the roof, it circled around to hit Burninator, but Genevieve stabbed it in the chest and knocked it off the roof once more, and Burninator blew up its landing area. The last Claw of Marribus was slain.

However, its remains created a teal pool, and Genevieve realized it was a portal through the Veil. Geneveive took Kinsleton, Adrian, and Burninator through the portal to confront a slug-like demon monster in a distorted bubble of a pocket dimension appended to Prime.

The Palm of Marribus, as the demon was known, had 12 limbs. Each had been removed to form a claw. It was otherwise like a big flabby grub, with a porcelain child mask for a face. After a little discussion, they determined the creature didn’t know what was going on outside, but was surprised to see them, and surprised that Adrian smelled of Hell without the requisite number of deaths.

They attacked the Palm, tearing it open, and Genevieve used her shaman spirit-binding methods to pull some of its energy processing power out and bind it to Adrian’s hell stone so they could carry it out. The Palm was all about drawing in energy, and then delegating it to claws, and redistributing it instead of losing it as they fell. They realized that energy could be what Lydia needed to manage the energy distribution she was struggling with.

Out to Sea

They stole a boat from Torpedo Bay and headed out to sea, intercepting Adrian’s yacht. They boarded, and Genevieve transferred the energy control matrix torn from the Palm of Marribus and gave it to Lydia, who rested easier immediately and began to heal.

Arcane Rendezvous (Friday, August 26, 2010)

Adrian woke to the summons of arcanists in Edgarton, burning a candle that alerted nearby arcanists that one of their number wanted to talk. Adrian, Genevieve, and Kinsleton took the stolen boat back to the city, and followed the signal to a hotel in Fortress Square (where work crews were busily replacing massive banks of windows.)

They found the summoning arcanists were led by Arius, Adrian’s father. Two of his brothers were also among the nine surviving arcanists.

Arius told them that the North American wizards were mobilizing and heading to the East Coast. He was convinced that Onaga would assault Edgarton, but the council disagreed that they could be sure, so spread their defenses out further. Arius expected he could rely upon Adrian to help with the defenses here, which he would direct.

Genevieve strenuously objected, pointing out she was a defender of the city and knew what was up in a way the visiting wizard could not. He reluctantly deferred to her expertise and jurisdiction, at least in word.

To stay connected, Adrian took James (his monster-hunting brother) along as a liaison to the arcanists.

Time to prepare. Onaga was on the way, and there was a seal to break before he arrived.

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