Lasers and Feelings: Inner Eye Tech

I continue to tinker with the Lasers and Feelings inspired version of the Star Trek setting. I’ve already thought about how humans came to prominence on the galactic scene, and how they communicate so easily with aliens, here.

spockscannerExplorer class humans also have a neurocybergraft “inner eye.” This enhancement allows them to read considerable information from a device that projects it like a beam of light. They look into the light, and the inner eye receives screens full of luminous three-dimensional data.

Not only does this work with console mounted readouts, like the tiny screens on the arms of the captain’s chair or the scanner at the science station, but it also works with a variety of hand-held devices.

A medical scanner with a screen the size of a watch face is hard pressed to communicate vital signs, radiation levels, neurological signatures, skeletal integrity, and whatnot at a glance–unless the information is actually packed into a dense stream that unfurls across the viewer’s inner eye.

Just as not all humans have the necessary transthink mutation to be explorer class, not every explorer class has the compatibility with inner eye tech. Those who do not can have very fulfilling careers in a variety of roles in the Star Federation or the private sector. However, all those at ensign level or higher in the Star Federation, and absolutely everyone assigned to a star ship, must have a functional inner eye.

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