Silent Legions: Surface Tension (Session 4)

Silent Legions, Grifton, 3

From the Winstead’s parking lot, they readied themselves to return to the hospital. Terry stayed with the tactical team, bringing them along in the van. They would go to the hospital parking structure and serve as an extraction team and point of rendezvous if things went wrong inside.

The others took off their bulky armor and shed their most obvious weapons, sticking to pistols (Jason had a concealed wakazashi, and Truc took a shotgun in a case.) Then they headed to the hospital and called Arby, who came down from guard duty and let them in a service entrance so they could bypass security check points.


As they approached Helouise’s room on the fourth floor, two shooters pulled out shotguns, ready to fire into the crowd in hopes of hitting them. Truc dashed to a hospital room doorway and put one down with pistol fire. Jason shot the other with his big handgun loaded with silver. The injured shooter didn’t shoot, instead diving for cover and trying to get out another piece of equipment. Jason pursued him, slide tackled the guy, and broke his neck with a couple efficient strikes.

This put hospital security on high alert, with four guards closing in as the staff ducked and covered and guests ran into rooms to escape an active shooter situation. However, there was an explosive noise and screaming from Helouise’s room.

Truc tried to force his way into the room, but it was blocked; he muscled hard, shoving furniture and a bodyguard’s corpse out of the way. A massive insectoid monster had forced its way into the room, knocking over Helouise’s bed and killing the bodyguard, and now it had her in its clutches. Truc bravely assaulted the monster, startling it into letting her go.

Emilia raced into the room and dragged her mother behind the overturned bed, trying to pull a whip-like restraint off with limited success. Jason charged in over the objection of the hospital security, firing a shot at the bug monster that seemed to chip at its armor, but made it smoke and squeal. Security opened fire at his back, nailing him with several bullets before he fell into the room, kicked the door shut, and locked it. N0w they were trapped with the monster.


Meanwhile, as soon as things got noisy, Terry fired up the van and drove around to get a view of the outside of the situation. It took some honking, swearing, and traffic violations, but the van got around front to see the bug monster’s abdomen waving outside. Terry also noticed a group of men in suits calmly watching, and he had a bad feeling about them. So naturally he crashed into them with the van.

It was Ghoulaxis and some of his monsters. Ghoulaxis shoved the van back so it banged against a light pole. The assault team peppered them with frag and incendiary grenades.

In the room above, the monster assaulted Truc in unspeakable ways, slurping him into its body. Jason did some quick analysis of how to shoot without damaging Truc, and it bent his brain as he realized the monster could not possibly fit together right; he fired, and Truc was disgorged. Undaunted, the monster went fishing behind the upturned hospital bed, snatching Emilia and Helouise, and pivoting to swing them out over the drop as it was ready to fly away.

It ignored attacks from behind, and Terry fired at it from below, narrowly missing Emilia’s head. The monster leaped out, unholstering its wings and flying in a glide path down to the parking lot as hospital security shouted at them to open the door.


As it released a blaring buzz to escape, Terry directed the assault team to shoot the wing area out. They all fired and the bug monster fell, crashing through a tree and landing on the pavement. Emilia was able to duck and roll, only minor scrapes and bruises. Helouise was killed, either in that crash or at some point shortly before.

Then one of the monsters that wasn’t killed by the mass of grenades fired out a flesh hook and dragged one of the assault team into the smoke, killing him messily. The rest of the team dove into the van, and Terry fired it up, driving as fast as he could towards the roach monster crash site.

As Emilia desperately checked on her mother, Ghoulaxis rose from the corpse of the monster somehow, and attempted to snatch her as a back-up plan to take a new host. She somehow dodged the swipe, and sprinted away. She got just far enough for the assault team in the van to pull her in and keep going, outpacing the bug-eyed monster.

The battered and abused van dropped its transmission near the exit, but they all put on black trench coats. The assault team scattered. Terry managed to sneak Emilia out, and they caught a cab and headed to the Donut Hole, a nearby cafe, to let the shakes set in and wait to hear from everyone else.

Meanwhile, Truc climbed down the outside of the hospital, since the window was blown out and he didn’t want to talk to security. He climbed one floor down and shattered the window with a tactical baton, and Jason climbed down and into the room. A wavering octogenarian assumed it was Obama and his death panels, and screeched at them as they took hospital gowns and tried to blend in enough to get through the tightening security lockdown. They made it out, over the fence, across traffic, and into the city to disappear.


Soon they were reunited at the Donut Hole. Condolences to Emilia for Helouise’s death, but at least Ghoulaxis did not use her for a host. Singleton strolled in and thanked them for their work, revealing that Ghoulaxis tried to take over the corpse but the effort was too much for him and he fell off this plane. His threat is subdued, for now, and for a good long time to come. He promised them they’d receive rewards in the days to come, that would not have his fingerprints on them. He left with a smile on his face.

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