Star Wars: Returning to Circulation

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Fifteen years ago, two jedi and their padawan learners were sent to Ordullu Prime with a contingent of clones to investigate a possible Separatist secret weapon facility. While they were there, Order 66 came down. The jedi were attacked, the site was bombarded from orbit, and if any jedi survived on the planet with no space capability, they were left for dead.

Nyla Anjek was a Miraluka padawan (Iris). Her master, Seluria, was an impetuous young knight. He killed the clones that attacked him, but made a desperate effort to reach the communications equipment at the temple site, and orbital bombardment killed him. She ended up as a quasi-hermit staying with the Duballa, indigenous telepathic rock people.

Go Jang Bobo was a Gungan padawan (Gennifer). He saw His master Kerrick, a gruff but grandfatherly diplomat, gunned down by clones; Kerrick’s hope that there was a way around the violence slowed his response too much. Go Jang wandered the wastes looking for water, and found his way into caverns, where there was more and better water (though it was still meager.) He built a sand skiff for sailing the wastes, and a portable purifier to make the water tolerable at all. He fought the semi-corporeal energy raiders called the Kythas often in his travels.

Both felt the death flare across the stars as the jedi were extinguished. Nyla hoped to find out what happened, but Go Jang had a deeper sense of paranoia, and from that day grew reluctant to use the lightsaber or reveal Force training.

A Thread of Dream

Nyla felt the dreams of a Force sensitive, close enough to reach across the vastness of space. She pulled on the thread, finding herself in dreams of oceans, and drawing the young mind ever closer to the planet where she was stranded. As the life force came closer, she called Go Jang and summoned him back to the ruined temple; they might be able to escape.

They traveled to the site, fighting off Kythas with their sabers. The sail skiff was lost to a crumbling ledge, but they continued on foot and reached the temple site with time to spare, resting in the shade until the falling star of a shuttle burned down towards them.

The approaching energy mobilized all the Kythas near the temple to attack and drain its energy off. By the time the jedi reached the shuttle it was mobbed; Go Jang attacked those clustered on the back while Nyla (who could see with the Force through the clouded viewport, finally almost face to face with the soul she drew here) tried to get him to open the door.

The desperate pilot tried a massive thruster burn, which sated some of the Kythas, and as the jedi batted the Kythas away with their sabers, the pilot reluctantly opened the hatch and let them in.

Go Jang used his rudimentary memories of training with secondary systems to help out, spiking the repulsor grid to get enough altitude that the pilot could coax some direction. Redlining the almost-depleted energy, they managed to get enough distance and speed that the last of the Kythas slid off, and they headed towards space.

They met Trevin Silendel, a young scout from an ocean world who was intrigued by the weird and exotic beauty of Nyla and her strange sight and blindness.

Time Aboard Tranquility

They docked with a freighter named Tranquility and met the crew. Bear was a big grouchy man with a bushy beard, and Captain Ellrian was apparently trying to hold on to some semblence of civilization even out here. The captain asked how they came to be on Ordullu Prime, and for how long; one replied that they crashed, the other that they were marooned. The captain didn’t press the issue, especially upon hearing it had been 15 years, and seeing the lightsaber displayed on Nyla’s belt.

The jedi were given a room, to bathe and change into some lost and found locker items. A combination of the lower grav of deck plating artificial gravity and ready access to running water was a relief after fifteen years of dust and weariness.

They noticed the ship terminal could not access the Republic Holo Net, and the interfaces and standardization were different from fifteen years ago.

They met the droid, FX-82 a dented and chipper guy. He escorted them to supper (where his “comedy” earned him hurled objects from Bear, which might explain all the dents on his carapace.)

The captain brought them up to speed on the traitor jedi, and how they almost killed Chancellor Palpatine, who was now using enhanced war time powers and wearing a black robe in mourning the jedi betrayal of the Republic. Imperialists were gaining great power in the senate, which was increasingly symbolic (though he believed it could return to its true function.) Dark times? Depends on who you are. The New Order claimed to stand against the corruption, inefficiency, and gridlocked politics of the Republic, following Palpatine as he expedited solutions instead of dithering on about it for years with no action. The cloning facilities on Kamino suffered catastrophic and widespread repulsor grid failure, crashing into the sea. There were no new clones, but those that remained were integrated with other military to be the standing army of the Republic, ongoing.

As they approached Savaki Station, the captain offered to conceal any “contraband” they might have as souvenirs from their time on Ordullu Prime that they would not want customs to know about. He gave them a sizable box, and turned away; they put their lightsabers in the box and left it on the ship for him to hide. He also gave them cred sticks with 100 credits each, which irritated Bear to no end (as the ship was not wealthy.) Go Jang promised to buy the big man drinks, and that mollified him somewhat.

Savaki Station

They passed cursory customs inspection to enter the station, and bought clothes. They noticed all the customs agents were human, which was jarring compared to their previous experience. They bought new outfits, including a water pipe for Go Jang. As they headed to a bar, Nyla noticed they had been followed through the whole time by a trim young woman.

Once they got a few drinks from the droid barkeep to make Bear happy, the two jedi flanked their tail and hoped she would drink with them. They claimed it was Go Jang’s birthday. Her patience was worn thin; she was with customs, and trailing them while waiting to hear back on their possible records as it was relayed to the nearest bureaucratic node. She figured she’d have information in the next 20 minutes. Customs enforcers showed up in the background in case she needed them. Ruffled that she had been identified, she retreated from the jedi.

The barkeep droid poured them a couple drinks, and Go Jang noticed an address number in the space station had been etched into the bottom of the glasses, for his and Nyla’s both. They finished up at the bar and looked up the address; a secondary circulation exchange side corridor, off limits to tourists.

They slipped through security and found a man waiting for them in the steamy hallway. He said his name was Keller, and he was a smuggler with rebel contacts. He offered them a quick and quiet way off the station. They immediately agreed, and he gave them the box they had given Captain Ellrian, with their sabers in it. They climbed through a spacewalk tunnel into his ship, the Harpy, and left Savaki Station behind.

Welcome to the Rebellion.

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