Star Wars: Divide and Conquer

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Three rebel agents were sent on a difficult mission to damage the Republic’s grip on the Vydannis sector.

  • Nyla Anjek. A Miralukan jedi.
  • Gojang Bobo. A Gungan jedi.
  • Sledge Brightmouth. A Nosaurian pilot.

The jedi refugees were still padawan 15 years ago, but now it was time for them to use their training in a new context.

Captain Saylindi, a Gran, briefed them on their mission. They were to smuggle a disassembled R5-D5 unit aboard the Surabi station and put it in the supplies for the Tyndar Syndicate Republic Fleet that was coming to resupply. Then they were to somehow infiltrate the slave pen. When the ships arrived and loaded the slaves and equipment, they were to break out and find the R5-D5 unit, reassemble it, and connect it to a central trunk data line. The super-virus Nightmare would be uploaded to the brain of the droid army, knocking the ship out of commission.

In the confusion, they were to get aboard a second command ship that was known to have a weakness in its reconditioned navigation system. Spiking the system would mean the ship would jump randomly next time it entered hyperspace, instead of going on a safe path to its destination (and probably destroying the ship.) Then Sledge was to steal them a gunship and they were to jump to one of three preset rendezvous points. It was a very dangerous and ambitious mission, and carrying it out was left to their discretion.


A Mandalorian army was hired to crush the Six Core, a Trandoshan government. There were years of brutal fighting, but the Trandoshan government was crushed. Predictably, many crime syndicates rose out of the wreckage. One was the Tyndar Syndicate, and they specialized in salvage. They reconditioned three Mandalorian capital ships, along with fighters and gunships, from the many battlegrounds of clashes in space.

A droid army was purchased to crew each of the ships. The Saytrx Droid Army has a leader, an Entel, looking like a crystal and metal tree. This figure is installed somewhere with good access to data, and remotely runs the army.

Commanders are Centaurx, up to a dozen per Entel. They have six limbs, and are equipped with ranged and melee weapons, impressive in combat and excellent tacticians. Each one has up to a hundred Faunx troops, light droid frames with recurve legs and weapons that combine a blaster and a stun rod. Their faceplates are muzzle-like with glowing green eyes, and they tend to be painted green and another color. Each ship had nearly a thousand droids under a single Entel commander.

The Trandoshan leader, Ghelberris, their admiral, cut a deal with the Republic Admiral Dravis that the Tyndar Syndicate could manage their crime and slaving without Republic interference, in exchange for suppressing resistance and providing more muscle to local Republic military efforts. This corruption is exactly the sort of thing that makes the Resistance furious.

Surabi Station

They dropped off the parts with the dismantled sabotage droid in them, without incident. After watching for a while, they decided to try and use the Force to subvert the will of the guard looking after the entry to the external cargo block that the station was loading in anticipation of the Tyndar Syndicate Republic Fleet.

He shook off Nyla’s effort, and Gojang’s effort, but was halted by the offer of a bribe. He jacked up the price on them, then accepted, cuffing them and putting on collars and putting them in the big open slave pen.

They were welcomed by Jub Jub, an ogre-sized slave, who told them he was in charge. He knocked down Gojang to prove his point, and wandered off. Undaunted, they used the Force to jimmy loose the ratty cuffs from all three of them.

Gojang found another Gungan, Flap-Flap. He had hair implants in a mane, and though he was in poor health, he bragged he was an excellent space captain because he had captained ten ships! Gojang also found out from him that there was a famous slicer in the hold, and the slavers likely didn’t even know they had him–code name Ant Lion, a terrorist famous for activating self destructs on space stations and disabling alarms.

Aboard the Sooboo

The Trandoshan fleet arrived, and a mass of droids shepherded the slaves into the pen aboard the modular cruiser, then left them alone. Soon they were headed through sublight space, with everything getting squared away before a jump to lightspeed.

Gojang told Jub Jub that someone said he wasn’t strong enough to bend back some of the loose hull plating, and Gojang of course beat that person up, but wants to show everyone he was right. Jub Jub (who had been ruthlessly stunned and dragged over to the ship) puffed up and on the second try bent the plating back. As slaves realized they could get into the back corridors of the ship, and got busy escaping, Sledge cornered Ant Lion and they agreed to escape together (since Ant Lion needed a pilot.) Ant Lion’s cybernetic arm had some razor wire and slicing (computer intrusion) gear, so they got out through a walled-over service tunnel in style. Ant Lion balked at adding two more to their escape, but they insisted, so he went along with it.

They defeated the two droids guarding the store room, and revealed they were jedi. Ant Lion was going to run at that point, he didn’t need the kind of heat that would bring (even though he was already wanted.) They offered him Nightmare when they were done using it, and he told them he was the one who sold it to Captain Saylendi. He was a fan of the Resistance, and agreed to continue working with them.

They got R5-D5 together as droids were chasing and suppressing slaves, and got to a data trunk. By now two squads of 5 droids were closing in. The jedi sorted one out while blaster bolts flew both ways and the droid did its downloading work. Then the jedi chased down the other group, and chopped them up.

They escaped to the hangar, where the centaurx on guard was reeling with the beginning of the nightmares, and the faunx were edgy and off too. The rebels tricked them into a couple random shooting sprees, and then charged them when they were off balance and hacked them down. They got to a gunship, and Ant Lion negated the interference from the dreaming ship so Sledge could guide them out into space.

Some of the turbolasers were still functioning, and they were shot at as they streaked away. They took one hit that blew the shields. Then, just as they were jumping to hyperspace, they took another jolt–

Unsure of where they’d exit hyperspace, they held on for the next adventure.

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