Silent Legions: As Above, So Below. Session 3

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Previous session. After their disquieting meeting with Brick, they headed back to the Havershaum Estate in Shroud Ridge. Emilia had some important homework to get done, and had to get ready for school, so she split. The others considered what they had learned so far, and next moves.

Off to See the Wizard

They figured if they had a real wizard to help them out, they could sabotage Fr. Silva’s spell. They talked about it aloud until they got a telephone call from a girl who said her name was Bought, and she worked for “The Boss.” She offered them the name of a wizard, but cautioned this was involving another Power, and suggested it would be better for them if they not mention they work with Brick (who doesn’t get along with them.) They agreed, and she gave them Danielle Sawyenta, in the Slaysor House, a mansion Downtown.

Terry looked up the number and called the house, even though it was after ten. A man answered, Mr. Sneed (the web site said he was the owner and curator, and the mansion was also an occult museum.) When Terry asked for Danielle Sawyenta, Sneed was taken aback, wondering where he got that name. Terry said he got it from the Havershaums, and Sneed suggested he might get a call back.

While they waited, Truc looked up plans for the cathedral, to plan possible intrusion points, reading up on information from a funding campaign 15 years ago that was scanned online.

Half an hour passed before Terry got a call from Danielle, who invited them to come to the mansion, around back. They piled into the SUV and headed Downtown. Upon arriving, they drove past the wrought iron with its sigils worked in, and between the massive stone posts with gargoyles perched on them, around the road inside down to the back, where Sneed waited for them with a lantern. He escorted them in through a back door in the foundation.

The Slaysor House

In the lounge with confusing light and strange fashions, they met Danielle. She was very friendly, as was Sneed. They enjoyed some light refreshments and Terry’s storytelling, where he shared a version of the story where he ran across these things through police contacts and Havershaum contacts, no Powers mentioned.

She wanted to look at the spell, and Truc was concerned because he saw that she was not human, she was playing a bigger game, risking autonomous action when her loyalty was in a bigger group… She found his caution late and misplaced, as they were in a room that only sometimes had exits. They chatted a bit more before Terry gave her the paper and she breathed deep its smell.

She told them she could make a spoiler, to break the spell so the summoned ghost could attack its summoner then leave the plane. It would take eight hours. They agreed to return in the morning. They returned to the Havershaum Estate for the night. Everyone but Truc went to bed, and he planned a break in based on the information on the cathedral he got online.

That night Truc had terrible dreams about blood and gears and wire and pain, and woke several times with a nosebleed. It was psychic runoff from looking too deeply at Danielle.

Loading Up

Jason got his morning run in, regardless of the humidity and mist. Truc and Terry pulled themselves together enough to make it to the Slaysor House more or less on time. Sneed greeted them brightly, giving them a scrimshawed half-sternum to put on the altar, a page with a sigil to change and a mark of how to change it, and a box of potions. He told them the potions would help protect them from supernatural influence, and also increase their senses, but they should not remove the potions from the box until they were going to drink them; they had to be kept fresh.

Taking a special shine to Truc, Sneed gave him a pebble on a string, so he could play “hot and cold” to find the corrupt altar.

Leaving the Slaysor House, they consulted Truc for his plan. Terry would rent a car and arrive separately, to keep an eye on Fr. Silva and alert them if things were going sideways, via text. Truc and Jason would infiltrate through the coal cellar, which was boarded up. They would find the altar and sabotage it, then escape.

Terry arrived first, finding a couple busloads of high school kids who would perform for the noon service. He saw Fr. Silva coordinating and smiling, and took a seat to keep an eye out. Then Truc and Jason arrived. They went around the side of the cathedral, only to find that the coal cellar entry had been covered by a community garden!

Plan B involved going in through the access in the parsonage basement. They entered the unlocked parsonage, and locked the doors behind themselves, wedging them with pennies and chair backs. Down in the basement, they found the shelves that normally hid the door were moved, the door open, and the lights on. They cautiously proceeded.

Under the Cathedral

At the end of the tunnel was an intersection room, with a couple guards listening to police band and playing cards. Truc and Jason leaped out and stunned them with stun guns, tying them with their belts and dragging them into the tunnel out of sight, taking their pistols and knives. The guards had Marine tattoos.

Following the less-cold direction of the pebble (which turned icy cold under the cathedral) the found a room with a canal and boats, and took a boat for a stretch, getting off on a landing by barrels. They found a sort of barracks area, and behind that, a sort of temple room. Jason snuck in, over the many symbols and lines painted on the floor (at that point Fr. Silva looked startled, and headed out fast, so Terry texted them to hurry up and moved to follow.)

Jason interrupted a man who was kneeling shirtless before the dark altar, praying and flagellating himself. The man detected him, and rose up ready to fight, only to get the stun gun to the ribs. Jason did notice the man had an impressive angel tattoo across the whole front of his torso.

Jason and Truc quickly sabotaged the altar with the bone and an alteration of one sigil, then retreated fast.

As they got to the landing where they first boarded a boat, they heard Fr. Silva berating the groggy and hurting guards they stunned. The guards came down to deal with the boats, and Silva stormed off to make sure the intruders wouldn’t get far.  As the guards were hauling the boat out of the water, Truc and Jason stunned them AGAIN and raced past them, up into the cathedral, where they strolled past a guard dressed as a priest who couldn’t do much as there were witnesses. The soggy men in suits strolled out with the high school choir, getting into the SUV and roaring off, Terry not far behind in his rental.

Now it was up to the sabotage–hoping the expertise was good enough, the placement was right, and Fr. Silva didn’t notice what they did or figure out why they came. No problem! Waiting for sundown is easy…

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