Guns of Telluria, Train Ride


We had a brief outing with one player, who played Ferlin “Husk” Williams, an older veteran of the Tellurian War. Over the course of the war he got weirded so he could detect the presence of nearby arcana. He was promoted to sergeant in the cavalry, but after the Battle of New Orleans he fell in with a bad crowd and was part of a scheme to steal some arcana. Demoted and released, it was up to him to find his way in the world, with the assistance of his nephew Cuthbert Nevins. He heard of a field in Granada, MS that had a doorway to an abandoned fey outpost, so he signed on as a roof rider in the driving rain, and headed from New Orleans north.

They met the grouchy sergeant, Darmott, and headed up to the roof of the armory car. Husk assigned Nevins the gun; the teenager had not yet killed anyone or seen anyone die, and that needed fixing. Cpl. Nguyen was on roof patrol duty, and made sure they were settled in.

The trip was mostly uneventful. At one point a satyr mounted on an elk led a mass of deer and wolves on a wild ride at the train, trying to sweep aboard and make off with prisoners. Nevins trained his machine gun on the crowd and chopped a number of animals up, and Husk brought down the elk mount with the Redcapper gun. The satyr got on the roof and blew his horn at them, freaking Nevins out, but Husk finished him off with the big gun.

Cpl. Nguyen and her fire team provided backup once Nevins stopped shooting the machine gun down the length of the train roof. They found the satyr’s horn, and Husk was pleased to get it as booty (since the soldiers couldn’t claim a bounty, and he could.)

They arrived in Granada and got paid, and Husk shared some of the money with Nevins (but not his whole share.) Then it was a matter of waiting until morning, to sell the horn and find some other hopefuls interested in probing the farmer’s field for fey loot.

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