Game Days at Tabletop Game and Hobby

greater kc rpg day

I have now been to four of the seven Greater Kansas City RPG Day events at Tabletop Game and Hobby. I plan to revisit this post as time goes on to update it with more adventure report links.

Last time I asked the store to stock Into the Odd, I’ll run Guns of Telluria and point people towards something they can buy in the store for the December game day.

  • 9.10.16. Blades in the Dark, am and pm. Gangs. Report.
  • 6.25.16. Blades in the Dark, pm. Crew. Report.
  • 3.19.16. Blades in the Dark, am gang (report) pm crew (report).
  • 12.12.15. Guns of Telluria (Into the Odd) am ice (report) pm Barrowmaze (report).
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