Savage Worms of Silkshore

Savage Worms of Silkshore Banner

I have started a Patreon account!

I’ll be posting a 5,000 word chapter every 2 weeks until the book is done. My hope is that I can attract some supporters to help with expenses while I’m working on the book.

With game design, it’s difficult to know what modular pieces are worth payments. Essays? Random tables? Setting background? Play reports? It’s much easier with fiction; there are chapters, about 5,000 words each.

Incidentally, 5,000 words per chapter is about the amount of story you cover in an issue of a comic book.

Anyway, if you can help, I sure would appreciate it. This is a great opportunity for me, and it has John Harper’s blessing, so I think it will be really neat to have an official book for a setting that so many people already love.

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