Black Space: Guardian Ship 3. Permissions

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There is our new logo by Vandel Arden! Back to the adventure in progress:

  • Smitty. (Brian) Captain. A focused spacer with a remote built in so he could control drones, gifted with sharp senses. He had a salvage kit and a drone named Jethro.
  • Clyde Bruskin. (Mr. S) Tech and all around tough guy.
  • Jan Klaya. (Jeremy) Charismatic sword mystic.

Smitty released the drone to inform the Bounders that they had Scratched Skull’s cybernetic skull to trade, and they headed back to the safety of the ship. They took Dollface, the tall and muscular teenage mutant, and the small mushroom creature, Gnobbly. They got back to their crashed ship, Medusa’s Scow, and found that the archaic work of the repair drones on the hull damaged some internal systems. Gasper would need to stay behind and monitor the life support systems to make sure everything remained stable.

Waiting to Trade

They offered Dollface some food, and she rejected their processed space rations and took a stick out to hunt for local plants and animals. She told them about the Fringe, genetically altered bioweaponry that they encountered before; dangerous plants that threatened the Garden where she lived. She brought back food that looked unappetizing (to the point where Smitty ate space rations, thank you very much) but everyone else tried the local food.

Gnobbly wanted to talk to Klaya, and spritzed her with telepathic spores, so they entered the same consciousness and Gnobbly told her a little about his people, and how they lived under the deck plating of Telmar Bay (as well as many other places) and lived in circles that were telepathically tight with each other. She learned about their antipathy with the Teksuppar, who were apparently people where when the Event happened and everyone was dying, the Simulated Intelligence forcibly took over a medical ship and forced it to try and save the dying even without the guidance of doctors. A series of regrettable decisions led to these insane screaming hive mind cannibal cyborgs. Teksuppar and shroomvolk kill each other on sight. (Klaya and Gnobbly got quite chummy.)

Bruskin tried to log in to the Simulated Intelligence system and use the bracelet they acquired from the corpse of Captain Joseph to grant permission for Medusa’s Scow to take off whenever they were ready. That way they could carry the bracelet around to deal with local permissions as needed, and still have a safe take-off arranged. An unexpected surge of security invalidated the bracelet. Now they would have to find another way to get permission to leave the Guardian Ship.

Eventually the bounders showed up, and transmitted to Jack’s datapad where they hid the scrubber, then they took the skull and left. The crew retrieved the scrubber and took it back to the ship to be installed.

Two Components Left

They needed to get a multiphasic burner catalyst, and it was mounted at the top of the shaft by the Teksuppar base in Lift Control Substation 86. And, they also needed to get permission from the Simulated Intelligence for take-off, since the Captain’s authorization credentials were scrubbed.

The Ambush

They decided to lure some teksuppar in for an ambush, to look over their cybers and corpses to make convincing disguises so they could infiltrate the base with a minimum of violence. They had Jack put in a tech support ticket, then they picked a spot between the Teksuppar base and their ship. They tore up some deck plating and rearranged the greenery to make an arc of pit trap, then set up the ambush.

Klaya’s danger sense sent them scurrying; she hid in the door of the hull of a hill/ship, and Smitty took up a sniping position on top. Clyde was going to head to a shooting position, but Dollface slowed him down, flirting with him, until it was too late. (Her affection for his sturdy, fuzzy frame was growing at an alarming rate.)

The teksuppar agents included a gimp hound in the lead, followed by a deer/centaur lightning-armed leader, flanked by cyber-minotaur muscle agents. The scout was shot immediately, and one of the minotaurs chased Klaya into the ship, blasting steam and slinging an axe, until they made it to the bridge area which was overrun with Fringe growths. Klaya put him down, but it was a terrifying solo battle in close quarters.

Outside, the other minotaur charged Dollface and Bruskin, and fell through the deck plating trap, never to be heard from again. Bruskin leaped over the gap with an assist from Dollface, charging into hand to hand with the centaur deer borg as Smitty kept his guns firing; together they brought it down.

The Other Ambush

They retreated with the needed parts, components, and outfits of the fallen teksuppar to make their disguises. Dollface was finally so enamored of Bruskin that she tried to have her way with him, and he rebuffed her and held her off at gunpoint; sullen and angry, she ran off.

Gnobbly showed up with grav belts to help them with their venture, and wished them luck (though there was no way he’d go on such a dangerous mission.) Klaya expressed their thanks by giving Gnobbly a psychic impression of meditation in the deep void of space, for him to share with this circle.

Klaya’s “allclear trigger” was calibrated to teksuppar communications frequencies, apologetically reporting to the hive mind that they were rebooting their drivers and would be available for wireless connection shortly. It would have to do. They dressed as industrial-techno-goth as they could, and headed for the ship elevator.


They passed the spider-like teksuppar guarding the elevator and service shafts, and reactivated a guide chain so they could connect to it and be slowly dragged to the top of the shaft. The allclear responded to a number of queries, its battery starting to go.

They reached the top of the shaft and saw a massive area full of ruined trash, biological and technical. Then they reached the multiphasic burner catalyst at the top of the shaft. They climbed out, disconnecting it, just as the last allclear trigger activated; they were on the edge of being discovered, when catastrophic bad luck bent one of the housings holding the burner, and it tilted over, peeling metal as it began falling down the shaft, banging so both Klaya and Bruskin fell off.

Smitty managed to throw them a gravity belt, and they caught it to slow their fall. He also managed to pivot the burner so it pointed up; a dozen teksuppar leaped down the shaft to kill them, but were microwave burned to the point of disintegration. The hurtling burner caught all 3 of the spacers, and they managed to turn the unmoored engine of destruction and fire it to slow their descent. At the bottom of the shaft, they fired it again so it went out, and then used it as a wingless rocket to escape the converging mass of teksuppar. A short distance away, after landing, they redistributed the grav belts and quickly dragged the burner home to the ship.

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