Guns of Telluria in the Vale of the Iron God

Vale of the Iron God coverThe last big Simon Forster project I adapted was his Lottery Dungeon, before he started developing his hand-drawn maps.

Now that I’ve had a chance to look over his newest book of lairs, Vale of the Iron God, I think it’s time to adapt another of Simon’s projects to a custom rule set and do my own thing with it.

The setting is Guns of Telluria. An aristocratic house is charged with defending the valley and keeping the curious away, because ancient lore holds that the Iron God is buried in this vale. In the wake of a massive war between humanity and the fey, the possibility of an iron super-weapon is too intriguing to ignore. So, the aristocrat is fitting out an expedition with about twenty veterans and sending them into the valley to find out the truth of what it holds.

The mystic door will only be opened long enough for them to get through with their gear, then it will close. They will have to set up camp; the Cave of Bones is recommended as a starting position to get out of the harsh winter weather.

The setup of Simon’s book means I can pull out the maps and put them each on a page in Roll 20. Then I can get the monsters and treasure and such prepped for each, and adjust as needed between sessions. So, with a not-too-heinous setup, I can get the sandbox of the valley set up for as many expeditions as it takes for the veterans to find what facts may lurk behind the legend of the Iron God.

Moving under Vorn’s sight means I wanted to do rust and winter, so here’s a quick adjustment of the original image!

Vale_of_the_Iron_God_Guns of Telluria

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