World Between: Cavern of Oracles

World Between Fictive Nameplate

The Templar of Saint Bernus talked to Ragnell about a rumor they wanted to check out unofficially. The village Sardae, south of Calobra, along the coast of the Crook Mountains on the other side from the Iron Principalities, was rumored to have a “Cavern of Oracles” where a mad god whispered truths. Several religions were taking an interest and sending pilgrims, and the Lady needs the truth of it. They would be sent on the Flayed Sail with Captain Malia, who would wait for up to 3 days while they investigated.

  • Ragnell. (Shaun) Templar of Saint Bernus.
  • Maeve. (Iris) Fey connected assassin.
  • Ty. (Mark) Bandit.
  • Kael. (Michael) Questing Knight of Scarabae.


The town offered an apron to outsiders, with a walled off section for the private lives of citizens. The town guard were everywhere, and very attentive. Guides to the Cavern of Oracles left once a day and would take multiple groups. The marketplace was basically stocked and a controlled source of information (but they got their tickets ahead of time there.) There were pilgrims from the Father and Family religion of Ulverland, and demons, and Relmeenos.

(There were lots of colorful interactions with NPCs like the goatman selling weapons, but I don’t remember enough of that sort of thing to make a reckoning here.)

The Pilgrim Trail

They got in position at their pilgrim stop, and went into the cave, seeing runes to separate the area where they stood from the bottomless shaft beyond. Deciding to leave their jocular guide behind, they ventured past the runes, into the depths.

Only those who heard the peculiar whispiring voices could see the steps (and once the steps were pointed out to others, they could hear the whispering voices.) AT the bottom they found layered glass-like surfaces that seemed impossibly stacked upon one another and containing the drowning dead.

They explored further to find a large chamber where there were many pools with the spittle of the gods, blathering sanity-bending nonsense, and the obvious fish-people talked about how they had this base where they could nurture Father Dagon to strength once more.

Spittle of the Gods

The heroes were detected and they retreated, spittle hot on their heels. As it caught up, Ty blew it away with an overcharged pistol blast, and they escaped up the stairs as more spittle pursued.

They confronted their guide, who threw demon teeth on the ground, and they sprang up as orcs. Hacking down the orcs, they also hacked down the spittle that emerged from the cavern after them, and in general they killed everything they could before beating a hasty and panicked retreat.


Before they could be captured in the city, the Flayed Sail fired some cannons on the town, and in the confusion, the heroes escaped out to their boat and made it to the open sea with their secret; Father Dagon was on the rise in the area, and the secret of the Cavern of Oracles was revealed.

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