World Between: Plague of Wolves

World Between Fictive Nameplate

As soon as they left Gilbert, they were haunted by spies. Raptors with smoke wings, local law, bounty hunters; all of Harrowfaust seemed to be after them. They split up; Lady Bellwood led one group on a wild goose chase, and the other group continued with the book. We follow the group that went to Trivium, one of Harrowfaust’s mightiest cities.

  • Sunnhilde. (Kristy) Witch hunter with a damned book to deliver.
  • Ragnell. (Shaun) Fighter, budding templar.
  • Andor. (Simon) Zealot, brutal penitent.

Trivium At Last

After traveling 400 miles across 20 days, they reached the city. They went to the Ashwall neighborhood, ruled by the vampire Lady Louisa Goedde. They were going to meet with their contact, Mara Oldenburg, but she was dead. The neighborhood was having a werewolf problem.

A Werewolf Problem

Turns out, Goedde had invited a werewolf emissary of another noble to do some business three months ago. However, she failed to provide sufficiently sturdy restraints on the night of the transformation, so the werewolf escaped and bit some people.

Those people were tracked down and killed. Well, most of them. So the next full moon, the survivors bit some more people. THOSE people were tracked down and killed. Well, most of them. Now it was the third month after, and there were some survivors out there who were going to change into werewolves and bite people tonight.

Worse still, the werewolf’s name was Kendrick. That was the same monster that bit Andor’s sister and turned her into a werewolf, long ago. Unfortunately, the monster was far away by now, and there were more pressing matters at hand.

There were very few people on the streets, and numerous guard patrols, with higher than usual numbers. The heroes cooled their heels in the Besotted Owl, keeping an eye on the situation; they still needed to smuggle themselves and the dark book across the river into Caligari without being detected by Harrowfaust authorities.

The Town Guard Solution

They decided to volunteer to help out the town guard in rooting out and fighting werewolves. They made it quietly understood that in exchange they wanted quiet passage across the river, no questions asked. Captain Rennick more or less agreed, and they went on patrol.

They were headed for the Slops, a horrible part of the slum of Ashwall, where water collected against the wall but couldn’t get out so all the urban scum flowed into it. It was a great place to hide–if you don’t have to worry about disease or infection. It was the worst place for the city guards to have to search.

The Workhouse

That’s when they heard a ruckus at the workhouse. Both debtors and orphans were packed into the workhouse, imprisoned and forced to labor for the good of the city. Werewolves broke in, and in those close quarters the city guards would likely just barricade it and torch the whole thing, killing hundreds of unfortunates.

To save lives, the heroes grimly volunteered to go after the werewolves in the close confines of the workhouse. They burst in to the level where the werewolves were killing (and worse, biting) and confronted them, hurling them down and killing the lot of them. They also grimly killed everyone who was bitten, or suspected of being bitten. For all the innocents that died, many more were saved.

The heroes left the grisly work behind them, and the captain arranged them passage on a boat vetted by the town guards, no questions asked. Let us never speak of it again.

Across the River

They made it to the shadow city of Venksburg, across the river, in Caligari territory. There they met Bernhard Traub, Templar Knight of the Order of Bernus. He offered them help to get the book to Elmar Drach, Templar Master in Thronberg. Then the heroes could follow later, find him in Thronberg, and induct Ragnell into the Templar order.

Another Werewolf Problem

With the book off their minds, but spies still dogging them, they decided to look into a local missing persons problem, since the town was mobbing with anger. They quickly found that there were werewolves on this side of the river, probably escaped from Trivium. They followed the tracks from an animal kill; some of the brand new werewolves weren’t so savvy yet.

Wolf Cult

They found a cave where dozens of people were sleeping, and a shaman with several tricks up his sleeve was leading them. Once the fighting started, he activated a charm to turn on the lycanthropy even though it was the middle of the day, and the fighting got desperate as the people started getting much tougher. Still, the heroes carried the day, slaughtering all the werewolves including the shaman with all his tricks.

Job well done. Off to Trivium.

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