World Between: the Kraken

World Between Fictive Nameplate

As Andor was nude in the sacramental chambers in the depths of the Caligari cathedral preparing for another baptism to push off a new waves of horrific sin, the water began to steam. Evil was near! But he was not deterred in seeking to draw closer to salvation, so Andor entered the water and submerged–

–emerging, thrashing, in the freezing ocean in a storm! During a kraken attack! The Flayed Sail was destroyed by a kraken during a thunderstorm, and the heroes saw for just a moment a shaft of moonlight in the form of the Lady, with a direction to swim to survive. They did so, losing most of their worldly possessions…

  • Andor. (Simon) Zealot penitent miraculously transported a thousand miles.
  • Ragnell. (Shaun) Templar of Saint Bernus.
  • Maeve. (Iris) Fey connected assassin.
  • Ty. (Mark) A bandit.

After the Storm

Maeve woke up naked and trussed to a spit, about to become a barbecue as the happy cannibals prepared the fire. A more important cannibal came out and discouraged that; apparently she was to be kept alive, tied to an upright pole.

Ty woke up with a busted leg in a tidal pool, and was spotted by two of the cannibals that were scouting for survivors. (One was wearing his new, very fancy hat.) Ty yelled at them, frightening them so one went for reinforcements and the other kept an eye on him.

Ragnell woke up and dragged himself off the beach, witnessing the cannibals capturing Captain Malia and dragging him off. Ragnell followed, finding the village. Meanwhile the cannibals tied Malia up next to Maeve, so she managed to free a hidden dagger from her hair and cut her bonds so when the moment was right they could try to escape.

Meanwhile a babbling scout showed up and a group of cannibals and some manta ray / dog hybrids (dograys) headed out. Ragnell stayed to watch the village.

Andor woke on the beach, still nude, and went about scavaging for clothing or supplies, only finding a modest uprooted tree he could use as a club. He saw a group of cannibals come out of the jungle and close in on the rocks, where Ty was being watched by a cannibal scout.

Beach Battle

The warband came to get Ty, but were distracted by Andor, who managed to kill all three dograys and close in to kill more cannibals. Meanwhile, Ty limped at the cannibal with his hat and killed him with rocks, reclaiming his hat, and he moved to the jungle path so as cannibals fled from Andor’s fury they ran into Ty, with Andor close behind. None of the cannibals survived. (Ty mainly survived because of his Ring of Protection; he was badly hurt from the surf hurling him into rocks.)

Village Battle

They headed up to the village, and Ragnell joined them. Drums and movement indicated some forces were headed for the village north gate, but the heroes hoped to move fast and get out before they arrived.

They walked right on in through the door in the palisade. Six of the tribe’s elite fighters came for them, and a dozen or so other cannibal fighters supported them. Maeve used the distraction to free Captain Malia, but he succumbed to the various hurled knives, clubs, and blowdarts that stormed the prisoner area. Maeve and Ragnell hewed down the guards as Andor and Ty faced the elites.

Ty went down to blows from paired bone swords made of the wings of bats, and his leg was ruined from the knee down. Andor stood against the storm of exotic weaponry and techniques (including one woman who used gourds full of fire ants on a cable to deposit swarms of them on his tough hide.)

As the heroes finished up the elites, they scooped up Ty and Malia’s dying bodies and escaped, while Maeve dropped into the chief’s hut and grabbed all her supplies the cannibals took when they captured her. She made it out of the village just in time as the mysterious reinforcements arrived.


They found Malia was dead, and Ragnell built a cairn for him. Maeve took off Ty’s ring of protection and operated on him, amputating the leg at the knee. He survived. Andor and Ragnell went scouting for food and drink, bringing both back, and they hid in an old smuggler hole for the night (where Ty found the rum that got him through the surgery.)

They rested for a full day and a half. Weirdly, aside from one patrol of three that surprised Andor and got wiped out in a round, no one came looking for them. Andor also heard a weird vibration in the jungle, but since they weren’t sure what it could be, they didn’t worry abut it.

The Village

They returned to the village to find it abandoned. They replenished their supplies and found some things from previous victims, like healing potions, a vial of poison, a shortsword, and a shield. They decided to follow the ceremonial exit out of the palisade, and it curved around the cliff.

They got a magnificent view of the bay below and the opposite shoulder of the island, which had a Black Tower perched on it. Also, the cave at the end was a big ritual circle for controlling the kraken, and they realized it was dozing in the bay below, kept in by standing stones with symbols that matched the symbolic room. (Andor had been hurling all their ceremonial gear off the cliff before the kraken was spotted in the waters 60 feet below.)

There were also some boats on the shore, by the kraken’s bay.

They decided the best course was to go down, get a Northron ship, and drift out of the bay before picking up speed and heading back towards land. That’s what they did, and the kraken didn’t wake as they drifted over it in shallowish water.

They left questions behind, but they already had answers that had to get to the Church as soon as possible, so their mission continued.

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