Black Space: Pursuing the Bomber

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A group of spacers on Fist Star 18, a space station known for offering robot gladiator matches, decided to go bounty hunting together.

  • Duncan Golas (Brian Wille) was a spacer with a prosthetic handshake, a tech expert who was a leader in the pit crew for one of the robot gladiators, able to reroute power and begin the repairs before even opening the machines. He got another spacer to smuggle some illegal enhancements through security using her prosthetic leg, and as discovery became ever more likely, it was time to move on.
  • Bones (Lu Quade) was a spacer with a danger sense and an instinct for figuring out new vehicles, and also a smuggling compartment built into her leg. She was a courier for parts for the robot gladiators, but her help to Golas would be discovered soon, so it was time to move on.
  • Hellas (Darren Brockes) was a spacer with keen focus, dangerous skills, and an uncanny ability to survive. He served as a “bot clown” to distract malfunctioning bots and provide entertainment between matches. His mentor was squashed a week ago, and after one party, everyone moved on and forgot him; it was chilling, and Hellas was looking for other work.
  • Gasper (Andrew Huffaker) was an unapologetic survivor of facial mutiliation and cyrbernetic experimentation who inherited a ship (The “Thieving” Magpie) and $400,000 debt from contacts with the Yuvaria Corp.

Together, they won a lottery with the “Hunter Hunter” show, starring Captain Persephone, a man wearing boots, a banana hammock, a tiny vest, and a different large hat every session. He had the whole sector starmap tattooed on his oiled torso.

Captain Persephone interviewed the winners, then they got the prize; a leg-up on the next big bounty to come across the Cortex. They got the information, then tesserarched out of the station with drones firing pyrotechnics behind them so their trajectory could not be tracked.

The Sylorica Corp out of Startree posted a bounty on Highshine West, a demolitions expert for the Belwyth Piracy Franchise. $20,000 alive, $10,000 dead. Also $10,000 alive, $5,000 dead for Armand Hammer, a vicious pilot and West’s right hand. They also had 5 cases of grav flex charges worth $10,000 each in bounty. This was to be turned in to Preceptor Chan as the contact.

Apparently West conducted a series of bombings in the Vysac supply chain, ships and ports both. The contract was completed before Chet Flinders, a hunter, could catch West. So the Sylorica corp opened the contract up to external bounty hunters.

They won the tip that placed West on Case 486 Evidenciary, a planet that blew up and was pulled back together by gravity, now a nightmare of class action suits that had been churning for 182 years with no end in sight. The hunters were only 6 hours behind.

Gasper chewed cigarettes to pass the time on the trip, and Bones reveled in her trading card of Captain Persephone, which he signed with a thumbprint virus that unlocked the 3d signature on the card.

Duncan sifted the history on West, discovering he had been a pirate licensed with the Belwyth Piracy Franchise. The Sylorica Corp fired his ship and jailed him for a decade, and now that he’s out he’s doing paid work to get his franchise license and a ship and crew back together.

Upon arriving at the edge of the Evidentiary’s orbits, they scanned to pick up an appropriately spaced time and and advertisement to meet and discuss fencing issues and explosives; West wanted more explosives! The meet location was on level 482, deep in the Rift district, which has the most extradition issues and the weakest policing.

Gasper took one grav pod, Duncan took another, and while they were headed down at reasonable speeds, Bones drove one and took Helles for a ride, and engaged in the zero g falling of “freeballing,” a local sport. On the way down, another pilot challenged them to a multiple-g race, and Bones accepted; as Helles threw up and failed to help out, Bones banged down through the wing of one grav pod, and refused to flinch, to the point where Helles trying to help broke the grav unit off, and they were stopped by public safety measures as the other pod sauntered away–piloted by Armand Hammer!

Helles and Bones both sassed the Bailiffs who showed up, they were stunned and destined for prison when Duncan (who quickly changed into a nice suit) pretended to be a lawyer and pulled them out because of jurisdictional issues, retreating from the site.

Meanwhile Hammer flew casually away from the mayhem, and Gasper was on his trail, following him to where he walked into the bottom of a spaceship elevator with a yacht inside, the Vauxhall.

The hunters rendezvoused at the ship and changed their outfits and gear, then closed in on the Vauxhall station private ship elevator. As they approached, Hammer was coming out, oblivious to them. Bones and Gasper pulled guns from Bones’ leg and opened fire, knocking him down in a hail of bolts, but not killing him. They worked through it with the bailiffs, then turned the captive in to representatives of the Sylorica Corp, getting $10,000 (so $2,000 for each of them and $2,000 to cover the damages from the chase.)

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  1. Bob Bersch says:

    Nice! Did you ever finish the Black Space Hack?

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