How I Would Do Shadowrun Now

I have some nostalgia for Shadowrun. I also really like cyberfuture stuff (see also Black Space.) Sometimes I get an itch to do something with Shadowrun in a system I would find playable, keeping enough world stuff and cruft to be fun, but shaving off all the rest.

Like with Rifts, the key is to focus in on stuff you like and do your own version that’s informed by your fandoms of choice, so there’s a thing that unifies it–your taste. I thought about that, and how I would do Shadowrun, and immediately realized I was halfway there.

I would run the shadows of a science fantasy Yoon Suin.

Keep the same lazy decadence against a frenetic pace of the fantasy version. Only the sluggish can use magic, though snailish and other offshoots have figured out perversions and lesser shamanistic forms. Instead of trolls you have crabbish. Instead of orcs you have yakkish. You get the kenku for free. And only the dwarves can project their consciousness through technology, making them the riggers and deckers of the setting.

Noble houses and corps rule, and in their shadow they conduct espionage and sparring that must not be allowed to break out into war. You’ve got the Mountains of the Moon in the background, and other areas, but the God River now sparkles with datastreams, twinkling energy conduits more efficient than cables could ever be.

Out in the bay, you’ve got the dimensional visitors who trade with this profitable plane. Due to the structure of the laws, the most lucrative place to mount skirmishes and espionage from one powerful group to another is between the dimensionally drift-capable pagodas where diplomats, traders, aristocrats, and monsters rub elbows.

Keep your street samurai. I’ve got goddamn chaos monks.

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