Basically Fantastic session 1: Death of the Necromancer

Calendel Evenstar (Simon) Elf with a Book of Power and a dagger that glows when draconic creatures are near.

Valdis Arden (Iris) Fighter looking for a potential protogod of lightning.

Annonciade Oliver (Kristy) Thief with a collapsible bow looking for the old gods.

Kestrel (Shaun) Fighter who used to be a bird, polymorphed to human, who wants to find a new way to fly.


During the ongoing war with the Slizardians, Annonciade was a skirmisher, Calendel was a translator and medic, and Kestrel was liberated from a wizard’s lab and gained fame by slaying a massive dinosaur that scarred him with its bite. Valdis stayed home and served as a mountain settlement’s champion defender.

Calendel united the party as he was looking for help; a necromancer razed an elven settlement, and used customized death magic to raise a number of his kin as ghouls–a fate that elves should not be vulnerable to suffering. He hunts the necromancer and his impossible magic, seeking vengeance and rest for his family. The neromancer has a specialized scroll of death magic called the “Word of Filestrian Sorrow.” A mysterious man in Elbow Creek offered to pay top coin for the scroll, and to keep it out of the hands of necromancers.

The Ambush

Closing in on the slower pack of undead in a grueling snowy high-altitude march, the company spots some strange halfling-sized nomads riding massive winter wolves finding the undead trail and following them. Deciding to keep their distance and let that play out, they witness an ambush as a pack of elven ghouls burrowed into the snow to waylay pursuers.

Joining the fray, the company battles the graceful elven ghouls, evading their paralytic touch and side-stepping the winter wolf cold breath, defeating the undead then engaging in an uneasy parlay with the highland nomads. Calendel negotiated passage with the nomads, and a wolf breathed on them to mark them as permitted. They resumed the chase.


They tried to outpace the undead before nightfall, when their powers would increase; Calendel managed to get close enough to fire an arrow with uncanny elven precision, slaying the necromancer (who was carried on the back of an armored undead) at long, long range.

The company caught up now that the undead were not spurred to greater efforts, and in a brutal conflict they hacked down the elven ghouls and confronted the armored elites. Valdis was knocked down with savage blows to the face, but the company triumphed and Kestrel’s healing touch restored Valdis so she didn’t lose an eye.

The company recovered the massive golden scroll of the Word of Filestrian Sorrow, and also got the necromancer’s spellbook. After a short overnight, they returned to Elbow Creek for drinks and recovery.


Valdis drank to ease the pain from a cracked face, and Annonciade picked the lock on the spellbook, and was cursed to be haunted by a ghost. The company funded her trip to a shrine of the Saints, where she was given a cleansing baptism to break the curse. They sold the scroll and were handsomely paid.

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