Basically Fantastic: Elven Distinctives

Having finished 99% of my Inkwell Ideas freelance project, I indulged myself this morning to do a little ruminating and writing about elven distinctives in Basically Fantastic.

Even as I type this I realize I forgot to put in their horns; how the horns grow 1 or 2 inches per level. Some are ram horns, others deer with multiple points, etc. How the horns are a visual physical lightning rod for their powers. I need to make up some feats for making horns cooler.

More to come later.

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1 Response to Basically Fantastic: Elven Distinctives

  1. Andres says:

    Hi man. I just want to say, i really like what you have done with Basically Fantastic. I discovered Old School Hack these days (I was looking for something better than 5e, which feels like the worst edition to me) and I loved it, and then I saw a recommendation by the author of that lovely game, with a link to Fictive Hack in World Between. And eventually…well…from that I got here.
    I am gonna try to see what can I do with my group and this great works of yours
    What I am trying to say is, thanks for your work. I hope you keep working on it. Im gonna be anxiously waiting for updates on the draft
    Have a good one!

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