MeatheadTo contact me, email me at: k a p r o u (at) hotmail dot com.

I’m a man in my 40s living in the American Midwest who spends a lot of time on game design. I have greatly benefited from reading ideas, reflections, adventure reports, mini-systems, clones, homages, and general creativity in the Old School Renaissance/Revolution/Rules/Rocks/Rebellion! (OSR) blogosphere.

This blog represents my gratitude. I generate things that may be helpful to others as well as my game table. If something turns out to be of interest, or you use it, I’d love to hear it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Here is what some people have said about this site.

Andrew’s an inspiration. He’s taken my minimalist little twentysome page system and Jack’s delightfully gothic muskets-and-werewolves setting blogposts and turned it into a gorgeously realized game.

Kirin Robinson, creator of Old School Hack
November 2012

Reinterpretation can be deeply rewarding, if that person shows you new ways to think and dream within the context of your own creation. Though his World Between is not my World Between…I would play in Andrew’s games in a heartbeat…I like many of Andrew’s innovations enough to now use them in my games.  I’d wager that you will also find much to love in the pages that follow as well.

Jack Shear, creator of the World Between
November 2012

Andrew Shields is a prolific blogger producing excellent content that flies entirely too low on the radar. He has about one million other cool things that if you took a free afternoon and searched around, you would have a million gaming ideas and immediately want to play.

Courtney Campbell. Hack and Slash
April 2013

Whenever you create something and then allow other people to use what you’ve created, it is always fascinating to see what that interaction produces. I must admit that seeing my stuff through Andrew’s eyes has been really gratifying. Thanks, Andrew!

Fr. Dave. Blood of Prokopius
December 2012

“Crumbling Epoch” is another great experiment in the Fictive tradition, and I’m proud to have contributed to it in some small way.

Erik Jensen. Wampus Country
April 2013

Autobiographical Posts of Interest

Thanksgiving 2011.

Thanksgiving 2012.

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