Blades in the Dark

Here is a summary of various blog posts and adventure reports.


Patreon, serial fiction in Doskvol


First Blades in the Dark Novel

Duskwall heist deck nameplate

The print deck has 50 obstacles with questions to help customize them, and on the back, suggestions for scaling them to be more or less difficult. It also has 40 cards with an important person on one side, and a treasure on the other.

The .pdf deck has the same content. You print out and cut up yourself.

Both have an instruction page to help make heists.

A review from Bryan Mullins!

Here are some showcase sample heists.

Here is a table of contents for v.6.Blades v.6 ToC

Workspace, AMS 7.22.16

Peerage AMS 7.22.16

Cursed Cage AMS 7.22.16

Memorial tattoos


The Gallows Tower Heist pdf