Into the Odd Open Table

Tellurian Americana Army

Forty Second Infantry Division (Veterans)

gas-masksFor eight years, the Tullurian armies fought the Arcadian Courts of the fey. The secret of twisting fey and human life energies into objects to create powerful (if unpredictable) enchantments called arcana triggered a war that nearly destroyed all who fought in it.

Now the war is over. Many who served cannot now go back to their mundane lives. They saw too much, they were asked to do impossible things. Now they can take their training and experience and go into dangerous places in hopes of securing wealth that will allow them to retire, to make their own place in a world that has no room for them. The sharp edges of the mortal world are too much to bear, so they go Into the Odd.

Guns of Telluria Player Document 12.10.15

Into the Odd Arcadian War Background 8.15

Into the Odd official rules


Play Reports

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