Religious Orders

In a conversation with another blogger, I heard that people who look for game stuff online want three main things: maps, adventures, and stuff (magic items/spells/monsters). I would add random tables to the list.

The Dragonslayer Pantheon issues are aimed at the “adventures” category, with the occasional map and random table. There are NPCs and story ideas built into each brief issue.

I think it is neat to handle religion more realistically in fantasy games. I avoid a monolithic church to each god, with spell-slinging clergy. Religions organizations reflect their context and are made up mostly of normal people. Their religious concerns get blended with their temporal concerns and cultures. The way they see the world colors what they think their deity wants. The closest factions fight the most bitterly over issues outsiders are unlikely to even understand.

It is true I do not think like other people think. However, I would expect a creative product that has immediate game application would be welcome by the community, even if it was not in a stereotypical format.

I want to know what you, the readers of my blog, think. The first issue is free, and can be found here. If you want to review other issues, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

  1. Order of the Sacred Deep
  2. The Stitching Church
  3. The Brass Horseshoe
  4. Silent Bite
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