Fan Fiction

The Web of Shadows Project. Here is a massive project with four books: Shadowverse, Web of Shadows, Web of Light, and the Reckoning. Each book has a file, and then under it is a file for each of the volumes in the book; some people may prefer having the one document with a number of volumes, others prefer bite-sized pieces.

This project was originally posted a story or novel at a time, as they were finished. Now, they’ve been finished for years, so you can start knowing there is an end to reach. If it would help you to have it in another format (like you’re reading on an e-reader and Word is easier than .pdf) let me know.

This fan fiction started with Marvel and DC comic book characters, but as soon as I got the whole sandbox to myself (one by one other creators stepped out), it exploded out into books, movies, television, RPG characters, and whatever else I wanted; once I started using other people’s intellectual property and couldn’t publish anyway, why be shy?

Readers do not need to have any knowledge of my sources to read the stories; in this world, super-powered people are not known to the public, and there are no mutations. Magic fills in many of the gaps the comics fill with technology, for powering meta humans. My internal continuity is good, and I do not rely on any external continuity; I re-imagine the origin stories for all the characters, bringing in a consistency and vision of geomancy that brings a certain sensibility to the powers that roam the earth.

This was a consuming project for me for years, and I am very proud of the finished product. I contributed over a million words, and many novels across the 14 volumes (many of which have stories and novels bundled together.) After a long time with no web presence, I am pleased to make these books available.

As a concluding note, let us all remember that Shakespeare and Disney both focused the bulk of their efforts creating fan fiction; reinventing popular characters, telling their version of the story, and being rewarded for the genius in the retelling as they made the stories their own. Which is pretty much what I do here.

The Fantastic Four Project. Here you can read all about an alternative universe Fantastic Four. This project is tucked away behind a password and you have to register to read it, because the patron of the project does not want those who actually write comic books to be vulnerable to accusations of theft or inspiration.

The basic premise is that the men of the Fantastic Four are spirited away by an accident, and the Invisible Woman must rebuild the team. She chooses friends and family, with a much more feminine focus, so the press dubs them the “Fem Four.”

This project is still Alternate Universe (because I just can’t do Marvel continuity justice, and I make up some of my own characters) but it is much closer to the Marvel continuity than anything else I’ve done.

This project is more episodic, more even, perhaps more accessible than Web of Shadows. I am very proud of the work I did on this. I did stories for a while, then a short novel, then a much longer novel with 5,000 word chapters that I posted serially for the second half of the project.

Cowboy Bebop. Just for fun. Restless Requiem


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