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Sandbox Reflections

Robert Conley shared “Blackmarsh” with the online community–a great sandbox setting that I’ve looked over and thought about adapting. Good stuff! Anyway, I was reading in the “Adventuring Advice” section, and ran across this: After each session of the campaign, … Continue reading

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Death of the Widow Dragon

The quest to slay the Widow Dragon began in September 2011, and last night it drew to a most satisfying conclusion. Here is a summary of all eleven adventures, on average one a month. First. Tulip meets up with someone … Continue reading

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Adventure Generator by OFTHEHILLPEOPLE

Here is a great adventure generator by OFTHEHILLPEOPLE, who hangs out on the OSH forum and swings by my blog from time to time. He needed a place to hang it up, and I put it with the resources on … Continue reading

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Converting Modules to Old School Hack

Today we will talk about converting all your old modules to Old School Hack! It’s easy once you get started. Here is my suggested guidance. Step One. The “Wow” Button. West End Games’ version of the Star Wars RPG talks … Continue reading

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Campaign and Seeds: Dwarves of Death 1

The “Dwarves of Death” systems are pretty gruesome. Why go into detailing the horrific obscenities of the necrodwarves? If players are not encouraged to play these monsters, and if player characters cannot use their magic gear or pets, why outline … Continue reading

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