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Check out some of the neat things I’ve been involved with in the wider world of commerce.

Blades in the Dark Serial Fiction banner


Paperback, Hardcover, Ebook

Codex: Yellow

I have a lead article in this.

Chalice Anthology

Chalice Anthology ecover

Paperback or Ebook

Chalice was once the center of a trade empire, but now it is crumbling. Three stories unfurl in the shadows of the cobbled streets. Spies, problem solvers, thieves, and occultists get tangled in various deadly mysteries. Red-headed twins help a student trapped in a duel with larger political implications. A spy returns from exile, racing his murderous shadow to find a lost woman. An occult scholar was nearly destroyed by reading a book, so he hid it–but a powerful noble found it, and threatens to end the world unless one broken man can stop him.

Blades in the Dark: Duskwall Heist Deck


Card deck from Gamecrafter. Print and play .pdf deck.

Dragonslayer Pantheon

Religious orders inspired by the Dragonslayer Pantheon, available from Chubby Monster Games. These organizations can provide local color, or be the main antagonists in a campaign, depending how you scale them. The system neutral resource provides plot ideas, sample NPCs, theological insight, and organizational structure in a short system-neutral format. Plus, I did the art!

  1. Order of the Sacred Deep
  2. The Stitching Church
  3. The Brass Horseshoe
  4. The Silent Bite
  5. Cult of Summation
  6. Temple of Celestial Revolution

Inkwell Idea Card Decks

I wrote the system neutral text for these!

The World Between for Fictive Hack

Check out the “Fictive Hack” page on the blog for links and reviews.

Soft cover. Hard cover. Free .pdf. 2015 patch (free document)

Crumbling Epoch

Here is the page for this game. Review by Erik Jensen of Wampus CountryReview by Courtney Campbell of Hack and Slash. On hold for the foreseeable future.

3 Responses to Buy Stuff

  1. Brette:) says:

    is there a print versionof Crumbling Epoch?

  2. fictivite says:

    No. It is an interim step, a milestone along the point of developing the game. I wanted to share it, and the cool stuff in it, but since the game isn’t in its final form it isn’t available for print.

    When I first put this out, RPGNow couldn’t do PWYW with print.

  3. Just ordered a copy of your heist deck. Looks great!

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