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Get “Fictive Hack for the World Between” in hardback or paperback!

Here is the free .pdf version. WORLD BETWEEN for FICTIVE HACK 11.12


2015 patch, World Between for Fictive Hack

Support material:

Mentions on the internet!

Quote from Kirin Robinson on G+, November 16 2012: 

You like RPGs, right? Andrew Shields has finally finished a real magnum opus, his version of Jack Shear’s richly gothic campaign setting The World Between as driven by the Old School Hack engine, it is an amazing piece of work with system, setting and campaign creation all in one impressively comprehensive book. There’s goodies in here for any and all fantasy campaigning whether you’re interested in the setting or not. And it’s free! Download it and look through it! It’s be-yoo-tee-ful.

Quote from Erik Tenkar, November 19 2012 (Link above):

This one is a keeper. This one will make you lose sleep, as you try to read it in as few sessions as possible. This one is a hack of a hack. What do you get when you mix Old School Hack with the Gothic setting of The World Between? You get the blessings of Kirin Robinson (OSH) and Jack Shear (TWB) and make something that’s even greater than it’s already pretty damn good parts – The World Between for Fictive Hack by Andrew Shields.

Quote from Martin Ralya on G+, April 24 2014:

I rate it an 8/10, with this comment: “I love Old School Hack and Jack Shear’s setting work, so combined and run through Andrew Shields’ take on them they produce an interesting-looking game and world. The game looks like fun, the writing is excellent, and there are tons of things here that could be re-purposed elsewhere. It’s a light system, but savory: It wrings a lot of flavor out of its mechanics.

It’s presented grab-bag style, which is at times a bit frustrating for such a long book; by design, it’s more of a toolkit than a straight-ahead core book — the game describes itself as a grocery store full of ingredients with which to make your own meal. I’d have preferred a bit more organization.”

Wiki for tracking my Gothic fantasy Old School Hack campaign.

Check out “Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque” by Jack W. Shear. It is fantastic Gothic fantasy inspirational material. (Here is his review of my initial efforts! And here is his announcement of this book on his blog.) You can now get hard copy of his first and second compendium, and other great stuff, by checking out the sidebar on his blog.

Thief NameplateThief, the Role Playing Game 9.12Clan Builder.   Clan Settlements.   Stonach Occupational Talents   Runecraft

Tournament Games for Fictive Hack

Random Traits and Legendary Past 3.4.13

Rarefied Blood (Spooky scenario for about 5 characters 5-10 level) .

Philosopher Ogres

NEW TEMPLATES (Not Yet in Any Book)

fictive hack of osh 8.12

FH Matt's Edition NameplateFictive Hack, Matt’s Rule Edition (Updated 10.12) Inspired by “Matt’s Rule.”

Fictive Avengers NameplateAvengers for Fictive Hack 12.14

Bestiary for Xen Invaders of Black Mesa

Legend of Hyrule draft 2Hyrule draft 1.22.13 and character sheet Legend of Hyrule Character Record (Needs Ravenna font for the Word document.)

The Hyrule fonts can be found here.

W40K Shock and Awe logoShock and Awe, W40K drafty and the Genestealer Cult

Soul Casket 1, draft 12.31.12   Playtest: Playtest 1, 12.31.12




(More to come)

8 Responses to Fictive Hack

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  2. I read this article fully on the topic of the comparison of newest and earlier technologies, it’s awesome article.

  3. Eulalios says:

    Hi! I want to hack your hack of a hack to run in the Magic Realm setting that Avalon Hill put forth in the 80s. Ok by you?

  4. fictivite says:

    Eulalios: Hack away. Good luck!

  5. Eulalios says:

    Um. More specifically, would you maybe willing to email me something that is easier to work from than a pdf?

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