For last night’s adventure, I needed a scary monster that might be enslaved by deep goblins and used as mounts, meat/hide/bone, and possibly a resource producer.

I needed something that would always be super-pissed and really scare my players. My solution?



Artist Rendition of a Badgerbee
(by Andrew)

They make a red “angry honey” with hair in it. The bristles on their abdomens are like razored fiber optic cable. Their stingers range from dagger size to bastard sword size (for the dire version with a howdah on the back that the badgerbee trainer rode.)

Underground hives of badgerbees. Compound eyes glitter as their range is multiplied. Their keepers make sure a couple of their teeth rot, so they are always maddened with pain. Their honey is bright red, with hair in it, and it is spicy-hot and pisses off people who eat it. Their stinger venom incapacitates with infuriating agony.

And you do NOT want to see the queen.


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4 Responses to Badgerbees!

  1. T. Woolley says:

    You’re horrible.
    And I am horrible for cackling evilly at the thought of using them on my players.

  2. fictivite says:

    I favor a certain solidarity of horribleness. Thank you for joining me.

  3. Even more horrible…

    It’s Eric, the badgerbee…

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