Three Official Blades in the Dark Decks!

I am delighted to announce that I have worked with Evil Hat to create three more decks for Blades in the Dark! Now you have a Character deck for creating characters, a Crew deck for creating crews, and a Faction and Location deck to reformat and elaborate information on factions and locations for a more tactile and flexible experience at the table.

These turned out really well. There are some innovations throughout. The character deck lets you swap out social circles and gear for your scoundrels, and offers suggestions for animal companions and how to connect to them. The crew deck suggests pre-built ally/enemy factions, and favored contacts with their own allies and enemies. The faction deck adds in some additional factions, and includes NPCs for each faction. The location cards have city districts and outlying areas, with landmarks. The district cards have a mini-map showing where in the city the locations are.

The cards are fantastic for making characters and crews, and getting a game started quickly. Characters and places from my game table and fiction are subtly worked into the cards, which mainly draw from what is in the book. The cards include page numbers in the book for quick reference. If you have trouble naming characters or crews, there are lots of suggestions throughout!

Take a look. If you have a Blades in the Dark game table in your future, consider that these make great Christmas presents for the GM in your life. The decks are offered individually or as a bundle, print on demand and print and play formats.

Here is the Evil Hat announcement site.

Here is the DriveThru RPG link.

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