Thinking Out Loud

Last Friday instead of our scheduled game we played Arkham Horror. I didn’t get out the board expansions, we played with the base board and 4 characters. After a grueling 5 hours, we won; in that time we coped with 5 rumor cards and 2 burst gates and one devoured character.

We played with the characters released by Fantasy Flight games, instead of my super hero house rules or other custom characters. I figured it was good to get people familiar with the original style while one of my cohorts is making up the Supernatural set for us to play with, to help understand the different rhythm of that custom set.

I’m dealing with a diffusion of focus just at the moment. I’ve got ideas for my next set of Arkham Horror custom cards, and it makes me laugh, so I figure it must be good.

Lurking in the background, I am thinking I could finish up the last couple of missing pieces for my necrodwarves to make a single .pdf resource for that. I started my blog with that on July 4, 2011, and it might be cool to put out the finished .pdf on July 4, 2012, as a celebration of sorts.

I also feel the call of my Zelda project. I get more hits to the tri-force post than anything else on the blog. Sure, it’s likely from lost Zelda fans who wander to a strange place, but still. If I finished that up and put it in a single .pdf with monsters, quests, maps, and so on, that would be great. Of course, that’s a significantly bigger investment of time and energy.

While I feel the tug of loose ends on the blog, and the tug of my current projects I’m already invested in, I also feel the tug of new things. I’ve got a rules lite system that summarizes and condenses some of my learning from game design over the last decade that I’m thinking about fleshing out. I have not given up on Strip D&D either; I want to give it another chance in play.

My main project just at the moment is the World Between; I have lots more conversion and world building to do in that setting. I would say it’s the #1 project for the blog in general.

In my actual gaming life, a friend may be taking over the one game day a month format for the Breathing World in Old School Hack, which would be cool. The two games I’d then focus on would be Edge City an the Hunt for the Widow Dragon, which would be replaced with the World Between when it comes to a conclusion.

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4 Responses to Thinking Out Loud

  1. makamo says:

    Ambitious projects, all! Wow! It must be difficult to pick one direction with so many calling.

  2. fictivite says:

    I suppose it’s “blog security.” Little joke. It’s generally more fun to start projects than to stick with them when they hit the “work” part that’s necessary to close the deal and finish something.

  3. Mark Robison says:

    so Tinkertude is sitting over here practically prancing and squeelking in her seat with joy and excitement as she works on getting the Supernatural stuff ready. 🙂 and of course, we enjoy the rest of your projects as well.

  4. fictivite says:

    Excellent! I look forward to trying the Supernatural stuff out on the board…

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