Duskwall Heist Deck

I present to you the Duskwall Heist Deck.

Duskwall heist deck nameplate


This deck is designed to help the GM make up heists on the fly. There are two kinds of cards inside.

One type involves obstacles. Each card has a Duskwall flavored obstacle that defends a heist site, complete with questions to get you thinking about customizing it. The back side has suggestions to make the obstacle more or less difficult. There are 50 cards in this section.

The other type has an important person on one side, and a potential treasure on the other. You can use the person side to draw potential employers and targets. You can use the treasure side to see what the scoundrels might be after! There are 40 cards in this section.

To round it all off, there is a free .pdf with suggestions for how to use the deck to set up a heist, or for other improvisational purposes. Take a look!


Special thanks to +John Harper, who was supportive of this idea! I hope it will be really helpful to GMs who want to show off the haunted city of Duskwall in all its sordid glory.

Special thanks to Miller Ramos, who did the expert layout and design.
Now the deck has a .pdf version! Check it out here!

Great Randomizer!

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