Mentions on Kickstarter.

I’ve had a few mentions on Kickstarter projects recently.

Joe Wetzel’s neat “Creatures & Encounter RPG Cards” Kickstarter project has a mention of my work on the system neutral card backs here. I look forward to seeing the finished cards, they look really neat. Joe is a great person to work with, he has been good to me. I still love what he did with the Dungeonmorph Dice, especially the extras.

I used the Dungeonmorph Dice font and cards to make the Lopelia Alchemal Fortress Ruin and the Plusevian Plaza, among others. I was so inspired by this project that I created Crawl d6 as a fun way to use the dice; as it turns out, the cards were more useful for that, as you can put a d6 on a card to represent that area, and that gives more space to use the player tokens.

Also, I have a mention here and then here for Mike Nystul’s Axes and Anvils. What can I say about this? There is a great game, it is fully playable, and it needs polishing and rounding out before it is finished. As the project continues to struggle, I appreciate very much the supportive comments of several people who appreciate my involvement.

Between the possibilities opened up by Kickstarter, and (for the less ambitious, like me) the glorious availability of print on demand, there has never been a better time to be involved in making hobby stuff.

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